US Capitol 1: Democratic Jews Try Poisoning America With Everything BLACK and GAY

The Democrats in the US want to make America so Gay and So Black that just the thought of it in your head rapes you and gives you AIDS.

American Liberal Voter Fraud

November 12th, 2020


Posting on this stuff is like posting on nigger crime. There is so fucking much you wonder if the whole internets has the bandwidth to deal with the shit.

It is always hard to know if niggers know if things are handed to them or if they truly are stupid enough to believe they are always victims of things that never happened. That is why it is nice when you see the odd one admit it.

October 19th, 2020

I still can not believe that anyone thinks this is a good idea. These people hate Trump so much they will do anything to win. People who hate Trump have defended murderers and child molesters in favor of sanity. Liberals will do anything like their Jewish puppet masters to win No matter how fucking low and inhumane it is.

This will cause headlines the millions of thrown away republican votes will not though.

Joe Biden 4 & His Fucking Crack Head Son Hunter

Everyone has seen it everyone has access to it why do they even try to fucking stop it. Just play the fucking video on the screen in times square and before the presidential debates. Install TVs next to voting booths. Liberals are that brainwashed. If that is him of course anyone else would be going to jail. But like everything else they will just blame Trump for their fuck ups. The American people are that brainwashed from jewish television. It is disgustingly sad.

Yeah because Hunter could end up smoking crack, stealing, and sleeping with dirty women…………..?

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