March 16th, 2022

March 11th, 2022

May 23rd, 2021

Meet Tessa . She is a pink pill popping junkie and attention seeking h0e. All she does is sits on her lazy a55 everyday and bullies people on social media while high, and usually with her finger in her pussy. This woman runs several Facebook groups in Adelaide and feels she has to bully and harass other people (especially niggers and muslims) to make herself feel good. She’s unhappy because she cant suck enough dick to fuel he drug addiction. If she sobered up and wiped the jizz out of her eyes then she’d like herself. She sees a doctor every week so she can get drugs from them so she can get High off anything and everything. People that are druggies and that bully people on the internet need to be dealt with.

May 11th, 2021

This is my ex Adelaide Amanda, she’s a walking red flag don’t know why I even gave her a shot. Unapologetically a cheater, will lie and say she’s not, or she had good reasons, so on, truth is she just a sloot. Stay far away, and if you’re gonna screw, wrap it up because no one else does. She thinks she’s worth something, when she’s really one of the lowest quality woman available and was lucky I even batted a eye at her. Hopefully one day she changes her life around, because her poor kids are being raised in one of the most toxic and disgusting environments known to man. Her family is no better and full of low life’s too. Steer clear!

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