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April 9th, 2022

Brasilia was planned and developed by Lúcio Costa, Oscar Niemeyer and Joaquim Cardozo in 1956 to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location.
Brasília was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its modernist architecture and uniquely artistic urban planning.
Among major Latin American cities, Brasília has the highest GDP per capita

Ela é nojenta e fode todos esses caras no tinder. Eu incluído! (7 vezes em uma porra de uma casinha) me deu algo. Eu descobri que ela está fodendo literalmente mais de 20 outros caras. Ela está fodendo todos eles crus, secos e na bunda. Depois finge estar grávida para os caras só enfiarem o pau no cu dela. Ela vai mentir e te queimar. Ela é psicótica, ela me disse essas coisas dementes fodidas sobre usar metanfetamina e fazer sexo com animais de quintal. Cachorrinho doente este.

April 8th, 2022

Fag Team 4 Is a group of Brazilians who bomb around in a green boat down rivers (mainly the Amazon) Beating up faggots. The group has had some people like John Legend angry.
Here is Fag Team 4’s famous Green boat. They stole the motor of some chinks in 1994. They sometimes paddle with stolen oars. The Green Boat is known as hate symbol by The American Nigger Jew Fagdation.
It is rumored and believed but can not be proven that the group is financial supported by Dog The Bounty Hunter, Mel Gibson, and Mr T.

Say Goodbye To Your Dick.

A fitness-obsessed woman who spent 14 years sculpting her enormous ‘tree trunk’ legs said they’re so muscular now, people constantly compare her to famous soccer players – with one date even likening her pins to Cristiano Ronaldo’s. Anne Lima, 34, from Brazil, has dedicated more than 10 years of her life to strengthening her legs. Now, they measure more than 60 centimeters in circumference – 62 to be exact – which is just under the size of a soccer ball. The model – who is representing Rio de Janeiro in this year’s infamous Miss BumBum competition – trains four days a week for two hours to achieve her muscular physique. But despite her hard work, Anne said she often receives backhanded compliments from strangers who compare her massive thighs to those of professional athletes. She herself compares her large pins to ‘tree trunks,’ explaining, ‘When I look in the mirror, I see a big and strong tree.’ ‘I don’t really care for the comments,’ Anne told Jam Press. ‘I get it all the time. I get it at the gym and even get stopped on the street. <SNIP> LINK

April 6th, 2022

The Joker, masked gunmen open fire during ATM robbery

Holy armed robbery, Batman! A team of masked gunmen, including one disguised as the Joker, stormed into a supermarket in Brazil and opened fire on guards and shoppers, intense video shows. The 75-second clip of security footage shows the real-life supervillains rushing into a market early Tuesday in Sorocaba, knocking one guard off his feet as a cashier hid behind a counter and a female shopper appeared to be struck in the foot by the gunfire. The three-man robbery crew seemingly led by the Joker then took aim at workers reloading an ATM machine with cash and tossed several large bundles of money onto the ground before making off with them, the footage shows. The heavily armed crew, including another suspect sporting a Salvador Dalí mask, shot one guard in the leg as they rushed into the supermarket and later led him to the entrance as they fled. <SNIP> LINK

April 1st, 2022

March 31st, 2022

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