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April 13th, 2022


August 12th, 2022

The title below should say… but niggers! But they have to be politically correct.🙄🤡


April 7th, 2022

Effects From The Slave Trade Made These Niggers Rob Stores!!!!!

Three niggers in Los Angeles were arrested as suspects in a series of follow-home armed robberies that began in January, including one who was in-and-out of fucking jail three times in 2022 before he was released due to the city’s lax criminal policies jewish faggots put in to let niggers committ more crimes.  Matthew Adams, 18, was arrested for a fourth time in 2022 on March 31, accused of attacking two UCLA students outside one of the university’s dorms, and taking their expensive watches as well as an iPhone, adding up to more than $145,000 in goods, a  Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) statement confirmed. Adams also is being linked to at least four other robberies in Hollywood, Burbank and West L.A. Experts believe it is all due to racism from the slave trade, white supremacy, and climate change. Fucking racists caused these fine young men to do this. They could have been doctors if not for your racist white privilege!! LINK 

No Sane People Want To Live Amongst Faggot Freaks

Los Angeles County officials will no longer travel to Florida and Texas on business because those states hate faggots. The LA County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to suspend all official trips to the two homo hating states. However, events where a failure to attend could ‘seriously harm’ LA County remain permitted. Trips likely to be cancelled include dildo adventures and anal episodes 3. Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education’ bill, signed by governor Ron DeSantis late last month, bans FAGGOTS from kindergarten through third grade. Parents would be able to sue school districts if they allow homos in schools with normal kids. Meanwhile, Texas Lieutenant Governor told supporters in a letter Monday that he will work to pass Austin’s own version of the law in 2023. They wrote: ‘[The Florida law] simply says schools will not have FAGGOTS in elementary school. I will make this law a top priority in the next session.’ Ohio Republicans have tabled a similar plan, which also bans ‘Niggers are human theory’. <SNIP> LINK

April 6th, 2022

April 2nd, 2022

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