90 Day: The Single Life’ Fans Completely Disgusted by Armando’s Gift to Jesse Meester Before He Flew Home

Armando Gave Jesse His Shit, Cum, Piss, and lord knows what stained underwear he wore for a month when Jesse left.

90 Day: The Single Life has disgusted plenty of overweight trailer living female fans in season 2, but the Jan. 21 episode may have topped everything fans have seen so far. Several people mentioned how they believed The Single Life was getting too raunchy to watch, and Jesse Meester and Armando’s recent airport exchange didn’t do the series any favors. The majority of this season of 90 Day: The Single Life saw fans annoyed at both Jesse and Armando. From calling their over the top disgusting gross fake to being irresponsible by the two faggots actions in general, due to the 2 having unprotected anal sex with strange men the whole trip, it’s safe to say this couple isn’t a fan favorite. Most folks remember the couple from their previous appearances on other shows within the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Jesse first appeared with stud Colt Johnson in 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Seasons 1 and 2. Their most infamous blowup centered around Colts fucking old mother criticizing Jesse’s small penis. Audiences first saw Armando with Kenny in Before the 90 Days Season 3. Viewers criticized much of Kenny’s treatment of Armando. He constantly beat the shit out him, made racist remarks about his Mexican heritage while beating him with rusty chains, and pimped him out so drug cartels could gang fuck him so Kenny could score a crack rock. The whole relationship was a mess.

Jesse and Armando spent two weeks together in 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 when they finally met in person. The couple only experienced one major hiccup in their relationship during their time together. Armando believed Jesse put his favorite vibrating dildo in his suitcase and slapped him on one of their last days together. However, he apologized shortly after, and the couple ass fucked in a public restaurant for all the patrons to see. (Wendy’s*). Jesse and Armando’s intimacy bothered fans this season as both of them are pretty fucking gross and detailed when discussing their assholes with The Single Life producers. Armando’s parting gift to Jesse at the airport shocked several viewers. Although, Jesse’s actions pushed many audience members over the edge. As Jesse gathered his bags from the taxi, Armando slid off his tight white shit stained underwear he had on for over a month and gave them to Jesse as a gift. In public, with many people entering the airport behind him, Jesse pressed the worn underwear to his face and licked the still wet poo mark. 

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