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April 3rd, 2022

March 17th, 2022

This is the moment a cyclist was nearly crushed by a half-tonne hay bale when it fell off a passing trailer. Andy Oram was doing 20mph along a narrow country lane in the Gower peninsula, near Swansea, when the massive bale crashed down in front of him. GoPro footage shows him escaping serious injury by inches and ripping through the bale’s black plastic wrapping which unravelled across his path.Cyclist avoids being crushed by hay bale as it falls off tractor. In his footage, taken on Saturday, March 12, Mr Oram can be seen cycling on the lane between Burry Green and Knelston and approaching an oncoming tractor.  The tractor pulls to the side of the road to pass a car in front of the 52-year-old who continues forward at around 20mph. However, as he reaches the tractor a bale of hay on the trailer it is pulling suddenly falls off and rolls into his path.<SNIP> LINK   

March 8th, 2022

September 7th, 2021

April 30th, 2021

Ben Batchelor Loves Man On Man gay Sex the Only way THE WELSH WAY. He’ll bend you over and give you his special what he calls a “Welsh Rabbit”.

Knife-wielding man threatened smoker after calling police to report high price of cocaine Benjamin Tildesley-Batchelor, who has a long history of violence and public order matters in his native London, had moved to Swansea just days before the bizarre armed incident. Benjamin Gleister Tildesley-Batchelor came to the attention of police after complaining about the price of cocaine in Swansea. A gay man armed himself with kitchen knives and threatened a guest staying at a nearby hotel in a “bizarre” motiveless attack, a court has heard. Benjamin Tildesley-Batchelor who is flamingly homosexual had only been living in Swansea a few days before the incident. After calling police to complain about the the price of cocaine being offered by men gathering outside his flat he went on to grab two knives and approach an innocent man who was having a cigarette outside a nearby hotel. His victim managed to hit him with a warning sign before running off and hiding. LINK

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