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Niggers Ruin Spring Break (No Surprise 🙄)

The evening was a muted affair compared to the past few days of violence. Five people were injured in shootings on Ocean Drive during the early morning hours of Sunday and Monday. The city’s police chief said nine officers have been injured since the Spring Break season began at the end of February. City leaders have imposed a state of emergency and a midnight curfew through Monday morning, but some are calling it an ‘overreaction’ to the largely black crowds that populate the area this time of year.  ‘The only emergency is that black people are on the beach,’ Stephen Hunter Johnson, a member of Miami-Dade’s Black Advisory Board, told the Miami Herald. ‘I don’t understand how this town has been doing spring break for at least 25 years and can’t figure it out.'<SNIP> LINK So you can see niggers all flock down there (probably on criminal funds or Biden bucks) and act like niggers and ruin it for everyone else. Sounds familiar? Of course they do it everywhere they fucking go. Niggers are a plague they will never change, ever. Avoid the groid.

Boons in heat are violent land whales

Footage of a violent skirmish between Stinky Overweight She-boon Nigger Gorilla Females in Miami Beach has emerged as city commissioners agreed to extend an emergency curfew Tuesday to curb nigger violence and overall chaos that has gripped the city in recent days. The commission voted unanimously during a special meeting to keep a midnight to 6 a.m. curfew in place for the city’s South Beach area through at least Monday. So that way the niggers can not blend into the dark of night and not be seen. The state of emergency declared Monday by City Manager would have started the curfew early Thursday after midnight and run through Saturday. Besides the curfew, the commission’s Tuesday vote to give the city manager the power to stop liquor stores and other retailers from playing rap music or offering cheap prices to welfare recipients in the area. Several commissioners acknowledged that the city might be sued by Jesse Jackson, who normally make a lot of money of bogus race claims after nigger history month, but they all agreed that keeping residents and visitors safe from the violent niggers Obama flooded the USA with was the priority. ‘You cannot balance public safety with niggers EVER,’ Miami Mayor said. Thousands of HIV positive violent smelly niggers and other human young people gather each year in Miami Beach for spring break, and this is the second year in a row that officials for the South Florida city have declared a state of emergency due to fucking niggers in this famed partying spot. <SNIP> LINK

A Miami nigger has been charged with sexual battery after he allegedly ran up behind a Walmart shopper and ripped her clothes off before trying to rape her. (probably celebrating his black culture) The sex attacker, who police say is Bredan Harvey, 28, of Miami Gardens, carried out the assault on the stranger in a Miami Dade store Saturday, while the victim was shopping. Harvey allegedly pulled up the woman’s dress while she perused the supermarket’s aisles, then grabbed her buttocks. The stunned shopper turned to face her attack her, only for the pervert to push her to the floor before grabbing at her thighs and underwear. She screamed for help, and managed to summon help from nearby shoppers.    Customers inside the store quickly reacted and immediately attempted to pull Harvey off the victim.  One customer, in particular, wearing a white top, can be observed restraining Harvey with the help of another good Samaritan until the local authorities’ arrival. The clip of the attack was filmed after Harvey was pulled away from his alleged victim, although a shaken-looking women can be seen propping herself against the aisle a few feet away from the altercation.  <SNIP> LINK

March 20th, 2022

Sunday’s shooting comes as thousands of partiers have flooded beaches of America’s most popular spring break destinations, placing police on high-alert. While most beaches saw young adults drinking, dancing, laying out and playing games, spring breakers in Miami and South Padre were met with fear as they fled for their lives. Flocks of panicked college students fled the area surrounding Kantina Restaurant on Ocean Drive, a popular South Beach thoroughfare known for its bars, dining and nightlife, after multiple gunshots were fired. The fleeing party-goers were seen trampling each other and dropping their belongs, such as cell phones and shoes, as they sought shelter in alleyways and other hiding spots, according to a Crack Head journalist at the scene. At least one woman was shot in the leg and another individual removed from the premise on a stretcher. Paramedics transported at least one other person to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. The conditions of the injured remain unknown at this time. Miami Beach police responded to the scene, however it remains unclear if the suspected gunman has been taken into custody, as authorities did not immediately respond to some dudes request for comment.  Sunday’s shooting is the second reported instance of gunfire at a spring break destination this week. <SNIP> LINK

March 19th, 2022

A Burger King employee in Florida allegedly shot a customer after he threw mayonnaise at her face, police and local reports said. Shateasha Hicks, 30, was arrested Thursday and charged with discharging a firearm in public after the incident at the Miami Gardens fast-food joint. Police said Hicks opened fire on a man after an argument at the drive-thru window. A relative of Hicks told her drug dealer that the customer she shot had squirted or thrown mayonnaise in her face. The customer drove off and parked in the Burger King lot, according to a witness. Hicks then allegedly went to her car, grabbed a gun and squeezed off five shots at the person’s vehicle as they drove away, according to an arrest report obtained by the outlet. She got into her car and fled the scene, but was arrested after cops spotted her vehicle about a mile from her home, the report said. <SNIP> LINK

March 14th, 2022

A self-proclaimed homeless male model was arrested for masturbating in front of people in a Starbucks in Miami Beach on Friday, according to reports. Blake Reign, 27, was allegedly seen by several witnesses pleasuring himself at the Starbucks on Collins Avenue and 29th Street around 9:30 a.m. Friday. Witness Alyssa DiMaria said she was in the shop when she used her phone to record him. “What are you [expletive] doing? Get the [expletive] out! It’s disgusting!” she yells at him in the video, obtained by Local10 News. Reign, wearing a white shirt, underpants and white socks, clearly unbothered, does the gross deed in front of an American flag in the coffee shop — while looking around at patrons.  DiMaria said he did it for about 10 minutes before officers finally arrived. At that point, Reign took off running, according to the arrest report. <SNIP> LINK

Amber fucked Joe the fat balding Pizza Delivery Guy.

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