Jasmine has lost her trust in that faggot Gino.  In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Jasmine, 34, confronts Gino Old Balls, 51, after she discovers that he sent nude photos of her to his ex-girlfriend. While looking through Gino’s phone, she discovers a screenshot of her intimate photos in a conversation with his ex, which she said she only sent to Gino. She also found lots of photos of Gino having sex with men but she said that turns her on.  Gino denies sending the photos at first. “What? I am gay and have Aids, but I did not do that. That’s for fucking sure I didn’t do that you stupid spic bitch now suck my old wrinkly balls.”  But Jasmine has the proof in her hands. “So, explain this to me because this is just a screenshot and I have never sent these nudes to anyone, but just to you,” she said as she began to fart uncontrollably. Eventually, Gino plugs his nose confesses to sending the photos for other faggots like himself to jerk off too. “This was like — that was trying to get money for them, yes,” he says. “Yes. But that’s the only time I ever did that.” Gino tries to save face by insisting that he only sent the one photo, but the damage is already done. “I trusted on you to send you those pictures, Gino. I will never be able to trust on you, ever,” she says. <SNIP> LINK

September 26th, 2020

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