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In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Sicamous recorded a population of 2,613

February 24th, 2022

Nanaimo is also well known for its bathtub races. It’s a quirky and hilarious pseudo boat race that started back in 1967, when the Mayor at the time, Frank Ney came up with the crazy idea for an event. The first competition had over 200 tubbers competing which used to start in Nanaimo and end in Vancouver. In 1997 the race route changed to start in Nanaimo, go around Winchelsea Islands and back to Nanaimo harbor. The bathtub race is part of a four day marine festival which takes place every July.
Port Alberni has a total population of 17,678, and a census agglomeration area of 25,112
Kim Campbell, 19th Prime Minister of Canada from 25 June to 4 November 1993; the first and LAST woman to hold this office ever.

Alysha posted violent racist threats Against black people on Faceb00k at the beginning of June 2020. And continue to egg-on commenters by using the N word and calling black people “dirty” this b1otch even went as far as private messaging people her vile racists thoughts! After going viral she issued an pathetic apology saying “I WOULD just apologize” and “I PROBABLY will get Counselling”. Alysha has always been a racist b1tch but now she’s finally been caught and everyone in Nanaimo and the island knows her face and who her equally racist boyfriend is, Johnny . Beyond being a racist, embarrassing her family and outting her mother for fraud, she is a deadbeat egg-donor who abandoned her child so she could live the life she always wanted of partying, orgies, drugs and fighting. She lies about being a nurse and a surfer…she’s a nobody, zero hobbies, her sole interest in life is to hurt other people. She’s extremely abusive, physically, mentally and sexually…she’s been harassing homosexuals with her nice titties too. She is a skank

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In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Kamloops recorded a population of 97,902

This chick Libby of Kamloops has been fuking around behind her boyfriends back for the last 7 years. I heard that she’s been fuking around with her boyfriends best friend (who is a married man).. this toxic waste says that she plans to leave her boyfriend soon for this married dude… they’ve been messing around behind her boyfriends back for months now. She really thinks she’s hot sh1t and has her life together when in reality she’s just an obese ratchet used tampon who is going nowhere in life. She’s the dirtiest kind of human.. The kind that will lie, cheat and steal to get what she wants. Everyone knows that both your boyfriend and your side piece are better off without you. 

In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Princeton recorded a population of 2,894
In 1987, Burt Reynolds starred in the film Malone, which was filmed mainly in neighbouring Hedley, British Columbia, but included key scenes in downtown Princeton and the surrounding area. Also partly shot in the area was Sean Penn’s 2001 film The Pledge, starring Jack Nicholson, which was also filmed in Lytton and Lillooet.

How bad can a liquor store theft actually go? An unknown man found that out Saturday, Jan 30, after he attempted to make away with bottles of Captain Morgan’s dark rum from the Princeton Beer and Wine Store on Highway 3. The incident was reported to RCMP at about 10:30. While the store clerk was working in a back room a man entered the business, went behind the cash register and took two large bottles of rum. In the process, numerous bottles of liquor were dropped on the floor and smashed, according to RCMP. The store’s general manager “was able to locate the man down the highway and retrieve two bottles,” said RCMP. <SNIP> LINK

The village of Fruitvale lies in the Beaver Valley, which is made up of Fruitvale, Beaver Falls, and Montrose.
In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, Fruitvale recorded a population of 1,958.
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