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The coolest part about this map is that it tells a story about each brand. You may not have known that Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Dr. Pepper was first manufactured in Waco, Texas, and the first Hooters in America opened in Clearwater, Florida in 1983.
Most common last names and the areas where they occur the most.
Most visited countries.
According to the color code on the map, most independent Europeans live in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. Citizens in Iceland, Germany, and France don’t stay at their parents’ homes too long either. Most Europeans south and east of these countries still live with Mom and Dad, especially in Greece, Bulgaria, and Slovakia. Is this because of culture, or economic difficulties?

Example- Go to Yahoo! Search, type in “Iowa is”, and you’ll see that the seventh autocompleted search reads “Iowa is boring”. Sorry, Iowa!
The most iconic food chain that started in each state.

February 7th, 2021


February 6th, 2022

February 5th, 2022

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