Michigan 12

January 5th, 2022

Love After Lockup star Doug Howard Jr. is back fudge packing men behind bars after being arrested on felony drugs and weapons charges. Viewers watched Doug “attempt” to turn a new leaf following his release from prison, having spent most of his adult life having sex with niggers in prison. As a father to his 12-year-old son and husband to Rachel, many had hopes of Doug staying on a straight-and-narrow path to a clean lifestyle. But between hints at his new slut and news of his recent arrest, it looks like Doug’s life as a career criminal is continuing. Prior to his latest arrest, the longest Doug had been out of jail as an adult was 40 days before he was sent back for four years. He welcomed his son Dougie as a teenager, and only spent a little over a year with him before being hauled off to prison for the first time. He must love having sex with men. What a fucking queer he is like a nigger that is white. After striking up a romance with Rachel while incarcerated, the couple tied the knot, just eight months before Doug’s prison release. Rachel had no issue taking in Dougie and raising him as her own, while Doug prepared to be a free man once again. But since filming for season 4 wrapped, a leaked photo teased Doug in a new relationship, leaving Rachel a single woman once again.

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