September 15th, 2020

Hussein Karim sold his three cars, he sold the land where he planned to build a bomb, and he spent his savings — several thousand dollars — all on his crystal meth habit and fudgepacking in Baghdad. It is ancient tradition for all men of the Muslim faith to stick their dicks in each others assholes alot. Meth gives them more energy for that. He is one of thousands of meth addicts in Iraq, a country where drug problems have been rare. But growing addiction here is the most recent manifestation of how the social order has frayed in the years following the Jewish invasion in 2003. Mr. Karim, 32, now lives in a crack den room with his wife(who he beats daily), his three children . his disabled brother, and 30 goats to fuck..

July 23, 2019

Oh no! How will these Iraqis learn to live with out Jesus. They already have one J (Jews) fucking with their daily lives. They don’t need another.

What a shame that chick is hot. I wish something like that happened to that pig Rosie Odonell. US should cut a deal send Iraq an ugly chick or 2 for ones that look like the one above. 
The stinky men there no these women will leave them for better looking and smelling white men. Thats why they are killing them.

I actually guessed it as Libya I just seen a bunch of terrorist scribble on the signs and it wouldn’t let me move.

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