Quebec 11

December 31st, 2021

La Tuque- The name, which dates to the eighteenth century, originates from a nearby rock formation which resembles the well-known French-Canadian hat known as the tuque.
This nigger is always complaining.

Canadian officials have ordered that 11 places in the French-speaking province containing the word NIGGER, or its French equivalent “nègre”, undergo a name change. Nearly a dozen sites – including a hill known as “Rocher Nigger” and “Nigger Rapids” – were deemed insulting and must be renamed, Canadian officials said over the weekend. “Even if the words ‘nigger’ or nègre are of ancient usage, they can undermine the dignity of the black community,” Quebec’s Toponymy Commission said in a statement. “Indeed, the former has a strongly offensive connotation, while the latter has acquired a pejorative meaning over time,” the agency in charge of place names added. The word nègre can mean both Negro and Nigger in French. Quebec is the only Canadian province that still features geographic locations containing these words. I think using the word Nigger in terms of places is a great idea. Niggers are known as bad, violent, dangerous, ugly, and gross. Add nigger to a location and you now it is a no go zone. Makes great sense. Why do niggers have to complain so much. Sad thing is its probably a liberal white or a Jew complaining a most niggers can not read. <SNIP> LINK

December 23rd, 2021

December 23rd, 2021

April 19th, 2021

These Guys Say Condoms Are For Losers. They Bareback in The Showers. They Roll That Way and You Should Too!!!?

Two Faggots & Le Negro Du Stink are the hottest hip hop group to hit the mean ghetto streets of the Victoriaville, Quebec region EVER. With their authentic street life vibes and authentic gay love for men, these guys are a show to see. When they aren’t out stealing watermelons and hanging out outside of walmart. These young artists are hitting French Canadians with issues they can relate to so close like Black Lives Matter. Since the French are so nice to everyone (and never rude) niggers included it makes every citizen feel special. Even if you are a faggot shit skin from Africa or a Fat Foureyed Greasy Ginger Frenchman living in grandmas basement. Peace Brothers.!

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