Delaware 3

January 19th, 2022

For being in the northeast, Delaware is just a bunch of chicken farms, Biden’s relatives hosting KKK meetings, and tiny towns. It’s not well connected to the rest of the northeast at all. In fact, it might as well be an entire world away from Philly, Baltimore and DC, right?
All of it. Every part of Wilmington is dangerous because of all the niggers, don’t go there. No matter what cool speakeasy or park you read about – it’s all stinky useless niggers. Don’t move to Delaware, you’ll end up in a bad part of Wilmington. After all, the state is so tiny that it’s impossible to avoid.

January 7th, 2022

Jessica Darlin (March 22, 1976) in Wilmington, Delaware is a former American pornographic actress. In 2000 and 2001, she was a valet in the professional wrestling industry for XPW’s “White Trash” Johnny Webb. All tatted up and a pig oh well from Delaware probably related to Biden. But starred in some great quality can not miss movies like MILF Hookers #4, Just Facials #5, Seymore Butts: I’ll Toss Your Salad If You Butter My Buns, Ass Lovers #1, Moms Love Cock, Bang That Bitch #8, Cum Buckets #3, All Ass Blow Out #1, Fresh As Whores, Up Your Ass #22, 5 Guy Cream Pie #5, Cum Dumpsters #4, Grand Theft Anal, In Your Mouth And On Your Face, Deep Throat This #9, Please Cum Inside Me #10, Face Down Ass Up #2, and Pussy Patrol.

January 4th, 2022

Jocelyn is a well-known gold digger who used to work at Back Door (A strip club) in Wilmington. She told all of her coworkers she wanted to meet a rich man, trap him, and never have to work again. She was so desperate she would wear huge padded bras, tons of makeup and filters on her photos and sit on the laps of all of her regulars at the restaurant including my husband. Along came Dog The Bounty Hunter who owns lots of hookers in the area and he bit the bait. Jocleyn duped him into whipping out his big dog dick and ass fucking her and her disgusting younger sister (who Jocelyn desperately tried to “make over” which didn’t work because her sister is a literal hooker) that she has his money and him under her control. Sad. Jocelyn you are the second biggest disgrace to Delaware next to the fucking biden faggot family. SLUT>

January 2nd, 2022

Place named after that fucking crook Biden. Sickening.
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