Montreal 5

A Magazine had the women of Montreal as the 8th best looking women in the world. The list seems semi legit as it doesnt name nigger or paki cities like “cultural correct” ones. Here is an exert Perhaps it’s the French Canadian flavor or the fact that Europe meets North America in this multicultural city, or maybe it’s because hundreds of communities take a liking to Montreal’s charm. In Montreal, the variety of women is as wide as the colors in a rainbow’s spectrum, and come in all shapes, forms and fashions; just ask the celebrities and athletes that always stop by. With so many colleges and universities, one cannot help but notice the overwhelming amount of fresh flesh. The city’s thriving fashion scene provides residents and tourists with sufficient models, and considering that the city’s population is approximately two million, you get the most beautiful women in terms of density. Pound for pound, Montreal is a world-class “babe” city.

January 1st, 2022

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