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January 13th, 2022

I must be more stoned than I thought howd I fuck that up. Lol

 Hardcore Italian football “ultra” Federico is a Lazio supporter who happily admits directing monkey chants at black players. It is “a means to distract opposition players” says Federico, a member of the Irriducibili (“The Unbeatables”) group which follows the Rome-based team.

“I am against anyone who calls me a Nazi,” Federico told academic Alberto Testa, who spent time “embedded” with Lazio and Roma ultras for the book “Football, Fascism and Fandom: The UltraS of Italian Football,” co-authored by Gary Armstrong. “What I do not like is people who come to my country and commit crimes; Albanians and Romanians are destroying Rome with their camps,” Federico adds. “But I’m not a racist. One day, I was waiting in my car at the traffic lights and, as usual, there was a young female gypsy who was trying to clean the car windscreen and was asking for money.

“Suddenly municipal police officers started to mistreat the girl. I jumped out of my car and almost kicked his arse. I hate injustice.” there is nothing black and white about Italian football. (Older Article)

January 12th, 2022

Tiziana Zennaro, best known as Vittoria Risi (born 3 November 1978) is an Italian pornographic actress and television personality. Born in Pellestrina, Venice (Italy), Risi graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, then she started a career as a real estate agent in her hometown and as a painter. She debuted in the adult industry in 2008, starring in the film Barcelona in love. Other such great movies include Big Butts Like It Big, MILFS Like It Big, Rocco’s Psycho Teens #6, Glamour Dolls #8. Not one of Italy’s better exports. I would rather have a pizza than this used up cooch.

September 17th, 2021

September 7th, 2021

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