Toronto 7

December 24th, 2022

Toronto Nigger Rapper Smoke Dawg Gets Fucking Mowed Down !!!!!!

The jury has heard Jahvante Smart was the intended target nigger that early Saturday evening on June 30, 2018. The well-known Toronto rapper, who performed as Smoke Dawg, had fired multiple shots before he was killed. Also fatally shot was Ernest Modekwe, a hip-hop brand manager. Modekwe — there’s no evidence they knew each other — were casualties of the planned and deliberate killing of Smart, prosecutors allege. Defence lawyer Dirk Dertsine has conceded Handule is the nigger captured wearing a white T-shirt, white shorts and ski goggles in surveillance videos shown in court. The footage shows him running into the middle of Queen Street, dropping and then picking up a gun before running down the street while pedestrians duck for cover or run away. Witnesses are expected to testify they saw Handule firing the weapon as he ran along Queen, as well as unloading multiple shots like a wild fucking savage nigger into Smart as he lay on the ground. Both Smart and Modekwe were shot from behind. A nigger in a black hoodie, who was with Handule that day, fired his gun in the direction of Smart and Modekwe, the jury has heard. He has not been identified in court. Following the shooting, the surveillance video shows Handule and the male in the black hoodie fleeing with another man who was also not identified. LINK

Guns are not the problem. Niggers are.

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