Netherlands 8

They have clogs, tulips, windmills, pot and cheese. Also, liberal sex laws. Hookers and blow for all. Also a variation of Christmas as national holiday where a some old guy who looks like the pope tells his niggers slaves to deliver gifts to your house. If you have been naughty he’ll spank you with a wooden plank and kidnaps you to Spain where he’ll lock you up in his basement. Who needs anything else?

January 6th, 2022

Bobbi Eden (born 4 January 1980) is a Dutch pornographic actress and international magazine model. She was the runner-up for the Dutch Penthouse Pet of the Year. She had also modeled for magazines including Club, Men Only, and Soho. During the 2010 World Cup, Eden attracted media attention after her 28 June Twitter announcement, in which she promised to provide oral sex for all of her Twitter followers if the Netherlands team won the World Cup. The promise led to a large increase in the number of her followers. The Netherlands reached the final, subsequently losing 1–0. She has appeared in such amazing family loved classics as Ass Fanatics #6, Spunk’d #9, Throat Fucks, MILF Invaders #9, Anal Prostitutes on Video #5, Fuck Me Like The Whore That I Am #3, Addicted To Cock #2, Cum On My Face #3, Craving Big Cocks, Cum Swapping Sluts #7 (Classic), I Wanna Be Your Fuck Doll, Cumstains #2, Blow Me Sandwich #3, and The Oral Adventures Of Craven Moorhead.

Both of these winners claim to be saints in Amsterdam but anyone who knows anything should knows that these two are the prime example of user. One is 30 years old and going no where fast and the other is 22, and will most likely end up just like her counterpart, alone and with nothing. You will find these two local sluts at any cheap bar, and hell if you know Ella, you’ll most likely want to know she had an abortion with my buddy Joran’s child, HELL why the hell would anyone wanna stay with someone like that? Two peas in a pod here people. Don’t even get me started on Izzy, used multiple men for money and fucks just about anything, so if you want an easy piece just buy her a few drinks, give her a few lines and its about as easy as ABC 1 2 3. Its about time these two are put in check, when it comes to using people for there own gains.

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