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Jenni Lee was born Stephanie Sadorra on February 11, 1982 in Clarksville, Tennessee. She’s of mixed Irish, German, and Puerto Rican descent. Jenni worked as a mainstream model (she was a model for one of the top modeling agencies in Tennessee at age 19), TV commercial actress, and stripper prior to her involvement in the adult film industry. Lee first began performing in explicit hardcore movies at age 21 in 2003. Her most famous work include My Dad’s Hot Girlfriend #20, Pure MILF 5, Blowjob Fridays, Perfect Fucking Strangers, 2 Chicks Same Time #9, The Dick Suckers, Deep Throat This #41, First Time Ball Busters #2, Naughty Book Worms #14, Swallow This #11, Baby Got Boobs, Cumming Of Age, and Ass Parade

January 10th, 2022

Needs Ass Lube In The Pen!

Varya Malina told 90 Day Fiancé fans how Geoffrey Paschel asshole has been holding up in prison. Many fans may know that Varya and Geoffrey appeared together on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 4. They got engaged towards the end of the season but kept their relationship on the down low from Geoffreys gay lovers, hoping that KKK would cast them again to resume their love story on the small screen. But 44-year-old Geoffrey’s guilty verdict derailed the couple’s plans to be on reality TV again. At the beginning of October 2021, the Knoxville, Tennessee, native was found guilty of soliciting male prostitutes in the park in June 2019. Geoffrey was booked into Knox County Jail and is awaiting the sentencing hearing, which will be on December 3, 2021. Meanwhile, Russian native Varya has been pleading with 90 Day Fiancé viewers to help Geoffrey get drugs and ass lube in prison. She has also moved into his house and started an escort and drug den. Despite receiving huge backlash from 90 Day Fiancé fans, Varya has been posting videos of her high on crack getting gang fucked by 8 men at the same time on her Instagram page. She is still supporting him and doesn’t care if he is innocent or not as she is loving the cock and drugs too much!!!!

January 5th, 2022

Nicole Brazzle was born on April 13, 1982 in Waverly, Tennessee, USA as Angela Harrison. She is an actress. She is a dirty slut who coalburns like most so the HIV factor is fucking huge. Her fuck hole got stretched in such movies as Baby Has Pig Tails, Mouth Meat #6, 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating #8, Squirts & Skirts, 18 & Ready To Fuck #3, 20 Teen Girls Who Like To Suck Cock, Big Sausage Pizza #4, Cum Swapping Sluts #8, Finally Legal #15, Gag Factor #19, Lick It Suck It & Fuck It, MILF Money #8, Nailed With Cum, Teens For Cash #3, Honey We Blew Up Your Pussy #6, Cum Stained Casting Couch, Cum Eating Teens, Cum Stains #4, and Deep Throat This #23.

January 5th, 2021

Summer Brielle Taylor was born on February 7, 1987 in Tennessee. Following graduation from high school, Taylor dabbled in local promotional modeling and did trophy girl work for sprint car races. Summer went on to model for Playboy (she’s featured in two Playboy newsstand special editions from 2008). After brief stints as an exotic dancer and web-cam model, Taylor did her first hardcore shoot in 2010. Best known for these classics Prison Sluts, Please Cum Inside Me #2, My Wife The Slut, Double The Load, Overworked Titties, Big Tit Bombshells, Lesbo Pool Party #4, Rack City Titty, I Love My Sisters Big Tits #2, Big Tit Fantasies #2, Crack Fuckers #5, Big Tit Centerfold #3, Orgy Masters #4, Titty Creampies #6, Bra Busters #5, and MILFS Like It Big #12. The STDS This thing probably has could peel the paint off most walls.

January 5th, 2022

This pathetic couple is from Tennessee. They are on Love after lock up. I guess the inbred looking fellar there caught that crusty heman looking dude having a threesome. Funny shit. Here is what he posted on his jewbook. “Yeah I’m just gonna put it out there for the world to know,” Jeff began his post on Monday, before shifting to all caps. “WHILE I WAS AY WORK ANISSA HAS BEEN HAVING A THREESOME WITH NY BROTHER ED AND HIS WIFE.” (Just to clarify, Jeff isn’t referring to his New York brother. I believe he meant to type “at work” and “my brother.”) Jeff continued with lower case letters to finish out his update. “Haha ain’t that a b*tch and I gave everything I had for him.” In the comments he added: “Didn’t wanna tell anyone but had to get it off my chest.” This has to be a joke, right? Clearly it’s just that Jeff got his new teeth, his drones and his Gucci pants and now the Amazon funding has dried up? “Why would I joke about that,” Jeff assured one commenter wondering if the ménage à trois accusation was real. “If you ever learn anything about me if I ain’t hustling you I have know reason to lie to anyone .. I owe no one nothing and ain’t scared of death so there’s no reason for me to lie.” Despite Jeff’s lack of fear in regards to his own mortality and having “know” reason to lie, numerous commenters continued to express their disbelief. “On My MOTHERS SOUL,” Jeff assured them, “AND THATS ALL IM SAYING.” LINK

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