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January 10th, 2021

January 4th, 2022

Until a few years ago, residents of the southern Maine town of Wells had commonly used a mascot of a great warrior Then something happened that prompted them to retire it for good. (Jews! Well sort of) The inciting incident occurred in October 2017, when a Lisbon squaw and mother of a visiting high school football team’s quarterback called behavior she witnessed at a game in Wells “the most ultimate display of racism” she had ever seen. “Your team, students and spectators mocked our families’ heritage, including my son, quarterback Lucas Francis, by painting their faces, banging on fake drums that included 5-gallon buckets, singing mock chants, performing mock dances, and continuously making hand-over-mouth sounds,” wrote Amelia Tuplin in a letter to the Wells-Ogunquit Community School District superintendent. Tuplin is full-blooded Chug (so she is all aboug free hand outs, after all this is all ist about), from the Abegweit First Nations people of the Wabanaki confederacy. You try to honor someones hertage and they are brainwashed by Jews to scream and harass you and try to get money. If they could get no money not a single whine would have came out. This is fucking pathetic. LINK

December 25th, 2021

I took a big steamy shit in the can here and neve flushed the bowl at first, I like to stare at my masterpieces for awhile and usually take a picture to email it to people. I am a bad ass.👍 It was by far the nicest, brownest, solidest, nicely coiled piece of a poop an asshole has ever laid. It looked so peaceful floating in the bowl. I then cracked a Pabst 45 in the can a slammed it. Then I pissed on my nice piece of poo cutting it in half like a laser with my pee. Then I flushed the brown butt biscut and watched in sadness as chunks of it floated down the porceline bowl, never to be seen or heard from again.

May 31st, 2021

Christina is an old active Portland and Lewiston floozy who lies about her age and takes pride in having sex with married men, selling herself and her body for money to make her living. She has convinced herself that she is an empath, but this complete narcissistic b1tch will lie and manipulate ýou as much as she can for your money, and will even use her Chihuahua dog to do so. When she’s not manipulating you for your money, she will not hesitate for a moment to steal from you either. She has completely estranged herself from her family and has multiple baby daddies. This old floozy actually has a twin, who is also an floozy. 

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