Georgia 11


Shortly after they celebrated their love with friends and family at their reception, the couple stepped out for a nightcap at a local bar and some other niggers drive by and sprayed the fucking place with bullets. Thats what its all about in the rap game. There, they discussed their plans for HIV Treatment and scamming Biden’s welfare system. “I’m ready to get white peoples tax dollars right away, Michael,” Angela, 55, said during the scene, after all she needs the nigger for something not like she will ever get a job. The spousal visa, also known as the CR-1 visa, allows the spouse of an American citizen to legally enter the United States as a permanent resident and commit any fucking crime they want and blame it on racism. “We wasted enough time with this K-1 and we want free money. It’s time for you to rape, steal, and kill. I know this is your home, but our home thanks to the great Joe Biden.” Michael, 32, agreed. “Hopefully no white men have guns. You’ll get one though to shoot and rape women for BLM” Angela said. “You will just eat lots of food and blame it on climate change and racism. Let’s get some chicken bitch” Michael said. Even though their wedding episode aired in September, the couple actually tied the knot on January 27, 2020. Judging by Angela and Michael’s eagerness, the Georgia native may have filed for his CR-1 visa as soon as she got back to the states. Unfortunately, as fans watched on the episode, Angela got devastating news when she learned she got herpes from Michael. Again. Just one week later, the fucking racist cops arrested Michael for breaking into the Old Folks home and raping senior citizens. Its stupid. Defund the police. NO BLACK MAN SHOULD HAVE TO FEAR FOR HIS LIFE WHEN HE GOES OUT TO RAPE ELDERLY WOMEN EVER! #BLM!!!!

January 6th, 2022

The 90 Day Fiancé couple Rebecca Parrott and husband Zied shared photos of themselves at a taking shits in the street in black neighborhoods, with the former private investigator dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit. Rebecca, who’s usually called a filter queen, was also high as fuck on meth in the snaps which she captioned with, “I take it up the ass from strangers for meth as my arab husband jerks off and cries in the corner #WINNING!! USA!!!! USA!!!!” Rebecca wrote that she and Zied needed to get away as they both had warrants out for their arrests, but added that for those wondering they are smarter than the police as most of the police down here are gay or black”. The photos also silenced rumors of there being trouble in Rebecca and Zied’s married life. Some fat liberal trailer living viewers wondered if Zied had followed Rebecca’s lead and gotten a sleeve tattoo for himself. But Instead he got a huge swastika on his back promoting his Tunisian pride that also says 100% JEW FREE.

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