Before the 90 Days Sneak Peek: Ximena Is ‘Super Nervous’ to Tell Mike She Was Born A Man

“It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he’s excited to be with a real woman for once” Ximena says in Orton’s sneak peek at 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. After finally spending a night with boyfriend Mike, Ximena has a major bombshell to share with him.   In El Beaner exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Ximena is talking to sister Wendy about Mike’s impotency, who traveled to her native Colombia to see a vagina for the first time.  “Do you want him to propose to you?” Wendy asks, to which Ximena says, “If Mike proposes to me, of course.”  However, Ximena has a secret that she hasn’t yet told Mike.  “Does Mike know that you use to have the largest penis in the whole porn industry?” her sister asks before Ximena shakes her head no. “I know that Mike wants a real woman, but I can’t hide the left over fore skin from my old king sized dong” the mom of two then tells the cameras. “I suffered a lot with the men and women I slept with in the industry”  Ximena adds, “So I decided to hack that large hog of a cock off with a meat cleaver.”

“What do you think he’ll say?” Wendy asks.  “I can’t imagine that. It’s going to be a hard blow for him because he would of really loved my rock hard shaft in his ass. That does hurt me a lot,” Ximena admits. 

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