Finland 9

January 6th, 2022

This girl Johanna will go out of her way to hurt anyone in her path as long as she can get to the dck she wants. She has no friends and cry’s when someone tells her something honest about herself. She bakes cakes but has her dogs hair and dck fingers all over the batter so be careful what you eat from her house. She is always in everyone else’s business and not her own. She needs to grow up and learn how to act like an adult and stop living off her bartender boyfriends money and cheating on him within other men.

This b1tch Kielo jumps from d1ck to d1ck spreading drd. She’s been with every guy that she can and she takes no breaks and is proud to be passed around. It’s sad that this hoe has kids and still puts her pu55y out on every social media out there. She is a true definition of a big fuckin h0e. She uses dudes for everything they got. She loves drama and loves fuking around with men who are married or in a relationship. Last I heard she gave my cousin DRDs and her pu55y smells like fish lol. B1tch will use you for everything you got then she will claim she got beat up by you and call the cops on you. Watch out when you fuk around with this fat stinky slore cuz you might end until in jail. Nice hat in the pic too bitch you probably got that after you fucked the old guy on the box of fish sticks.

January 5th, 2022

Petra from Oulu was fuking dude from a web page called sugarbabes this b1tch would go f..make 200 and go blow it all at the casino the sad part is this b1tch left her 4 kids to take care of them selfs because this skank wanted to go suk some 69 old want to be drug dealer d..and now sit over there thinking shes better then every one this chick has been broken from the begining came from a fuk up family and going out with no family o did i tell you she use some bullsh1t to make people feel sorry for her she tells them she sick and dieing but the only thing wrong with this b1tch is she started geting high hello put down the pipe we see you for what you really are and no good sloot whos a bad example of a mother ,friend and all around person so if you know this paddle i stay aways shes nothing but chaos.

December 24th, 2021

September 11th, 2021

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