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Gordon Is A Town In Nebraska Full of Meth Headed Inbred Nigger Haters.

A Stanton County visitor is facing charges after allegedly performing unlawful sexual acts with an animal. A Stanton County farmer tells News Channel Nebraska that the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident which occurred on his property northeast of Norfolk. The farmer says he noticed calves locked in chutes and gates out of place last fall. He set up cameras to try to catch a trespasser. He says his cameras caught a man entering the property and performing sex acts on a cow four or five separate times. The farmers says the cameras caught clear shots of the individual and his vehicle on Saturday night. This is believed to be someone from the CNN and Biden Nambla Festival in the woods. Then, he contacted the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Mike Unger was not immediately available for comment. LINK

A young Lincoln woman found herself arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for pleasuring herself at a public park, according to an incident report obtained by dudes Friday. Riley, 30, was spotted by another woman last month as she decided to “pleasure herself at the park with a vibrator” and “could hear her moaning,” according to the report. The video shows “a white female wearing a hooters uniform lay out a white towel” and after sitting down pulling “an unknown object” from her backpack before she “spreads her legs apart and puts both of her hands in between her legs,” according to the report. “This went on for a few seconds until the female looked to her right and smiled and kept fucking herself with her toy,” the officer said in the report. Riley “did admit to the masturbating at the park,” and to having a vibrator with her, according to the report. She said “Feels Good Man😁”

January 5th, 2022

Jocelyn & Erin have a long history of extorting and scamming people of North Platte for drugs and money. They often begging people to cover their fix because they spent all of the money on other drugs. At any time they asked someone for the help, they said not able to or no, They both tends to cause so much drama and exposed others’ background, their residue, and much more, even putting people into a harmful situation. They also staining others’ marriage and relationships. They usually expect anything from people to be freebies and never pay back to people who helped them. They are often very behind with their bills because of their drug headed whores. They turned on to people and make them out to be bad, accusing the others of their being nigger lovers and faggots. Whenever their friends or anybody in general who visit their home is required to bring drugs. They expecting the fat crack rocks worth between $200 and $400 from people hourly. If people refused to help, they ruin them instantly. 

January 3rd, 2022

Kristy has been proven a cheater by her husband. she has been proven to be a theif by husband and her so called friends. She currently screws her ex’s best friend. She’s the type of b1tch that says I’m not gonna have sex with dude the first time? yet does anal. The DUMBEST B1TCH right? Anal sex is sex and it SHOULD be the one you dnt do on a first. Shes seriously fuking nasty. she steals from clients from her “own” contracting company except tells no one it’s really a side branch off her husband’s company, that She can Swindell new sh1t from. Acting like she did it all on her own too, is a joke. She is an alcoholic, she does do drugs and a fact is If her husband knew to do a hair test in custody court … she wouldn’t be so confident. Don’t forget about the pills and cocaine b1tch. We all dont. So let’s give a hand to this sh1t talking theifing unstable fuked up train wreck slore from out in Brule, Nebraska. Here’s an extra fuk you kristy from me

January 3rd, 2022

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