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Kasia is a beautiful blonde teen from Poland. Supposedly, Kasia came to America on a student exchange thingy and ended up in porn. Whether that shit is true or just a porn myth, I don’t really care. All I know is that this blonde beauty from Poland is one of the most petite pornstars in the world and used this to her advantage in all of her porn work. She even appeared on the Howard Stern show and rode the Sybian live on air. Not too mch infor on movies she did it appears to be just gonzo web shit.

Natasha Starr aka Magdalena Tyszka / Natasha Star / Natasha Nicole Starr / Polish Princess- Born October 10th, 1987 in Ostrów Mazowiecka, Poland. Natasha brought us such great movies as Lesbian Sex #33, Perv Mom, Dyked, Bad Milfs, Anal Overdose, Lets Try Anal, Sister Swap, Anal Warriors, Orgy Masters #6, Couples Seeking Teens #15, Hardcore Gangbang #15, DP My Wife With Me #4, Mom’s Cuckold #14, I Wanna Butt Fuck Your Daughter #16, Happy Ending Handjobs #6, All Things Anal, Cum Fiesta, She’s Gonna Squirt, Halloween Bondage Treats, 3 On Their Knees, My Husband Brought Home His Mistress, and Anal Is My Business.

January 5th, 2022

This girl is the nastiest b1tch in Poland. Her name is Zara. She has her son who she hides from the world to keep her imagine of Szczecin’s finest h0e in tact. Her body is as fake as she is and she thinks it looks good but it looks like a botched wannabe Paris holton want to be but With tits. Her life went wrong I’m every way possible. Everyone knows your a55 looks trash no matter how much you try to shake it. You should have fixed your ugly a55 nose first. Everyone knows you sell your pu55y and body for insta likes and follows. Doing porn I’m only fans for $1 “specials” cause no one will pay full price for that nasty a55 body. She was known for getting around in high school was always tryna be the most popular girl jumping from guy to guy. Guess once a h0e always a h0e.

Magdalena is A horribly physically and emotionally abusive bitch. She abuses her partners and then when they leave, physically assaults them and traps them so the can’t leave the residence. She then had the gall to try and post him on here and paint him as a woman abuser to everyone who will listen. Hard to listen to her with a penis in her throat though. Stay the fuck away from this psychopath. Abuses people and plays the victim. Magdalena to strasznie znęcająca się fizycznie i emocjonalnie suka. Znęca się nad swoimi partnerami, a kiedy wychodzą, fizycznie ich atakuje i łapie w pułapkę, aby nie mogli opuścić rezydencji. Miała wtedy czelność spróbować go tutaj umieścić i namalować go jako sprawcę przemocy wobec wszystkich, którzy zechcą słuchać. Trudno jej jednak słuchać z penisem w gardle. Trzymaj się z dala od tego psychopaty. Znęca się nad ludźmi i odgrywa ofiarę.

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