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As many of you know this town bike this dumb b1tch Allison fuks anything as long as she can get a kid from you. She’s so ridiculous she threatens girl over men that don’t claim her blocks them and acts as she is the victim. She’s a one night stand that you regret. If you’re a female that a man of hers has talked to she will stalk your whole family and your whole life and copy everything you do. She has 3 different baby dads and who knows how many more on the way. She has every DRD in the book, never gets checked just continues to pass it around. Watch out for this town bike she lets everyone have a ride. One night she was in a club in Basel smoking meth in a bathroom getting fucked by 5 guys that wee beating the shit out of her. It use to be up on Youdporn until she complained and threatened to sue until it came down. It was a good video too.

Prostitution in Switzerland is legal and regulated; it has been legal since 1942. Trafficking, forcing people into prostitution and most forms of pimping are illegal. Licensed brothels, typically with a reception and leading to several studio apartments, are available and fucking awesome??. One estimate puts the number of street sex workers in Zurich at 5000 which my dick thinks that be a tad low. UNAIDS estimate there to be 20000 clean prostitutes in the country. The majority are fucking hot as they are all white. (No nasty nigger ape disease pussy here) In recent years the number of full service sex workers has increased. Many workers operate using newspaper advertisements, mobile phones and secondary rented apartments, some accept credit cards. I called this four eyed flop tit bitch pictured here “Bouncy Barbara” as her name was etched in a bathroom shitter.

July 23rd, 2021

May 30th, 2021

Swiss people are a combination of German, French and Italians. But they won’t admit it.
One-third of Swiss people own guns, in case the European Union or Jews find them. Even though there are so many guns in Switzerland, more people die from alpine horn-related injuries. This is due to the fact only white people can own guns in Switzerland. Smart!
Zurich is known as the home of the Jews, it is very well known for its arrogant people and banks. It is also called “Little Germany” as most people there are German tax evaders.
Like Canada and The Philippines, the Swiss don’t really have their own culture; rather, they steal from other cultures.

Friedrich Heinz Leibacher (July 21, 1944 – September 27, 2001) was a Swiss spree killer who killed 14 members of the Zug canton Parliament, injuring 18 others, before committing suicide. Leibacher had been employed in business, and had several failed marriages to women from the Dominican Republic, of whom one produced a daughter. In 1970 he was convicted of fraud, public obscenity and obscene acts with children, and sentenced to 18 months detention. He served his sentence in a work-training institution. After leaving detention, Leibacher became unemployed. Doctors diagnosed a personality disorder and alcoholism and he received an invalidity pension. In 1998 he was convicted of threatening a bus driver employed by the Zug transport company. Leibacher was upset by his treatment, and wrote frequently to the authorities with letters of complaint. The passage of time did not diminish his grievance as Leibacher began to believe he was the target of a government conspiracy led by Robert Bisig, a Cantonal Minister. He sued Bisig but in September 2001 his actions were dismissed by the court. At 10:30 AM on September 27, 2001 Leibacher entered the Zug Parliament disguised as a police officer and armed with a pistol, a pump-action shotgun, and a rifle. He made his way to the Parliament chamber where he fired more than 90 shots randomly. Politicians and journalists alike were hit, although Robert Bisig escaped unscathed. Finally, Leibacher detonated a small home-made bomb, then shot himself. He left behind a suicide note describing his action as a “Day of rage for the Zug mafia”. <SNIP> LINK

April 26th, 2021

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