Mexico 16

Me masturbé por todo el baño en el Oxxo. Siempre me masturbo y cago en los baños de estas tiendas. Es divertido, lo hago para mostrar el orgullo mexicano.

Frida Sante was born on April 11, 1985 in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico. She is an actress. She has blessed the United States of America with such classics as Pure Anal Pleasure #9, DP Fanatics, Teach Me Fisting, Hot For Hard Cocks, Don’t Forget The Balls, POV Mania, Pretty Kitties, Orgy Masters #6. Now that is just to name a few. Other items on the girl. Also Known as : Fida Medoza, Frida Santé, Frida Santee, Gangbang Creampie Girl 16.

Hice una gran mierda en este Oxxo y nunca me sonrojé. También unté mi caca por todas las paredes.

This girl Tina thinks that she is gorgeous and the hottest sh1t around when she constantly gets used, her baby dads couldnt give a flying fuk about her and she would rather go and try to fuk some guy that literally made fun of her nasty pu55y. The last guy she slept with she gave drds too and denies ever having it. The girl refuses to take care of her kids, would rather spend her time with whales on a lake, the girl is missing her front tooth, probably from the cr@ck she smokes. I warned you girl, dont get into that car. Welcome to what happens when you dont listen, I’ll see you soon girl

January 5th, 2021

Hey everyone say hi to Daisy the homewrecking disgusting bottle girl who claims to be a “boss” babe but only thing she can claim is that she will sleep with anyone who pays her or pays for her multiple surgeries and injections. She managed to ruin a marriage and another relationship within the same year and to add both guys were close friends and would sleep with one of them in his own home where his own family lived! She will lie about being independent and will complain about people treating her like the sperm bucket she is. Hola a todos, saluda a Daisy, la asquerosa y desagradable chica de las botellas que dice ser una nena “jefa”, pero lo único que puede afirmar es que se acostará con cualquiera que le pague o pague por sus múltiples cirugías e inyecciones. Se las arregló para arruinar un matrimonio y otra relación en el mismo año y agregar que ambos chicos eran amigos cercanos y se acostarían con uno de ellos en su propia casa donde vivía su propia familia. Ella mentirá sobre ser independiente y se quejará de que la gente la trate como el cubo de esperma que es.

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