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This girl right here Cecilia is the biggest liar and manipulator in Valletta. Not only does she drive her friends around to beat on homo sexuals and migrant individuals around town, she also slept with half the population of this city! Talk about fish lmfaooo, her pu55y smells worse then the fish in this sea!! I wouldn’t suggest touching that with a 10 foot pole. She’s known as the tinder DRD slore! Doesn’t have that name for no reason! This girl sleeps around with all her friends ex’s, then drunk calls her friends and ex’s at 4am manipulating them to do stuff for her or she will “light their fucking house on fire🔥” let’s not forget that dog of “hers”?! The one she trained to attack black people off the boats. She has this Pitt bull that she releases when the niggers come off their rubber boats and it attacks them. She laughs and finds it funny. This is the kind of person Cecilia is. Not acceptable! 

January 5th, 2021

Okay lets start off by saying what a complete loser slore this b1ttch “Malta Mandy” is she cheats on her boyfriend all the time. She actually caught DRDs from cheating then gave it to her boyfriend. When this useless pigs not pretending to be a hair stylist shes running around looking for her next d1ck to suck and shes a total coke sloot. This one time at a party she got busted in the bathroom getting tag teamed by two guys for rails, she will snort the line off your dick if you suppy her. How guys can bring themselves to even put there d1ck in this fat pig is beyond me. Anyways guys be carefull shes had every DRD in the book and one is the kind that never goes away if ya catch my drift. Be aware fellas!!

August 31st, 2021

Susan, 30, pleaded guilty to possession and trafficking of cocaine within some 20 to 30 metres of an English language school at Ghajnsielem, Gozo back in July 2021. The police had kept an eye on the bar and arrested thelarge meloned woman after questioning and searching a number of persons who went there. They found them in possessions of sachets of white powder, later certified as grade A cocaine. After arresting the woman, the police searched the premises and found sachets of drugs in cigarette packets inside a metal box. Under interrogation, the woman admitted to the trafficking but did not disclose  the name of her supplier (as if she did she would be chopped up and long gone along with the idiot asking her). In the course of criminal proceedings, a number of individuals testified to having purchased cocaine from the bar, some saying that they paid €50 each time The statements released by the accused were eventually discarded as evidence against her since they had been released without the assistance of a lawyer. A psychiatrist, testifying in the proceedings, explained how the accused, a mother raising a young child single-handedly after her dorky husband got chopped up by Jamaican niggers for calling them “Dune Coons”, had been through a traumatic personal experience which had caused great stress. He said the woman was a “vulnerable” person with a nice pair of titties, a follower rather than a leader by nature. She had sought drugs as an easy way out of her stressful situation, ending up sucked into a drug circle.

August 3rd, 2021

Tarxien Rainbows Gay and Nigger Loving Football Club are a mentally challenged football team from Tarxien, a town in southern Malta. They currently play in the Maltese Premier League. The Maltese Premier League is about as competitive as 12 year old female Eskimo soccer teams from Siberia. The club were founded as Rainbows Tarxien in April 1934, to promote faggots and niggers in Malta, hence the Rainbow name?‍?. Homophobia has been widespread in men’s association football(Mainly because niggers are fucking ignorant), also known as soccer, throughout the world. So the Faggot Rainbows instead of the Maltese Anthem they play Elton John “Asses of Fire” and jerk off on their jerseys to show their pride. Most of them play the whole soccer matches with crusted yellow cum stains on their fucking jerseys just fucking sick.

June 16th, 2021

Filwaqt li l-ex-raġel tagħha beda l-ħmar tiegħu jaħdem barra mill-belt biex isostniha muta a55 kienet qed iġġib ir-raġel waqt li kien ‘il bogħod. Hija tramp totali u ma tiswa l-ħin ta ‘ebda raġel. Nispera li f’ġieħha tieħu l-għajnuna li teħtieġ. Hija ttorturat mentalment u iżolat mill-familja tiegħu għal bosta snin. Mittenti ritratti mikxufa lil guys. Din il-puta hija patetika. Hija teħtieġ li titqabbad biex twissi lil ħaddieħor li qatt ma tista ‘tkun f’relazzjoni stabbli ta’ ferħ. Hija giddieba patoloġika, manipulatur u mara qerq.

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