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Lithe and lovely 5’7″ blonde stunner Crystal Klein was born Christiana Vogt on October 21, 1981 in Vienna, Austria. After graduating University in Austria she moved to the USA (Hawaii). Crystal first began performing in explicit adult films in her early 20s in 2003. She was the Playmate of the Month in the October, 2004 Croation edition of Playboy and the Pet of the Month in the March, 2005 issue of Penthouse. Klein still resides in Maui and runs her own official website. She has performed in such masterpieces as Spicy Naked Bondage Encounters, Both Women Were Bound And Gagged, The Plan Will Work If Shes Bound And Gagged, Watch Out Girls He’ll Tie You Up, Good Girls Suck Toes, and Hand Gagged. Me starting to think that she has an obsession with something and I just can’t quite figure it out. 🤔🤔

January 5th, 2022

Oh where do I start with this crazy hoe Emilia. Well first off shes literally psychotic, a drunk, cant be alone so she hopes from one guy or girl to the next. Recently her main bf goes to jail for fighting with her and this isn’t the first person she has gotten locked up. Marissa loves to call the police for w.e reason. 2 days after he man gets locked up she has hickeys all over her neck and is desperate for someone to “hangout” with her. She does and says anything to get her way, threatens suicide fakes a pregnancy, threatens to get people beat up or killed, sends pictures of her cutting herself and just snaps for no apparent reason. She has been to jail and is a convicted felon but what I dont understand is how she sucks people in and they put up with being abused mentally and physically and put in jail and they still stay!

Kristina will basically open her legs up for anyone in Vienna who has money. She will tell you anything and everything that you want to hear to get what she wants. She will come off as this sweet, innocent woman that is perfect. She went as far as saying yes to marrying me and convinced me that she would take care of anything financially. She put me 10 thousand dollars in debt and fuked 3 out of 4 of my brothers. This woman can not be trusted, alls she’s really good for is a good lay and then be done with her because she will ruin you in anyway she can. Also she gave my lil brother drd so she has DRD’s. She is literally a home wrecker and she has a wired relationship with her brother almost like they fuk but I have no proof of it. I hope any of you take my advice seriously because I pray she doesn’t do this to anyone else. I think she might be part Jew as she denies. But those are snekay fucks so I bet she is.

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