Latvia 5

Oksana uses married men and destroyed childrens homes . She believes the men are to blame and responsible for being a home wrecker. Her pu55y must be like throwing a hot dog down a hall way. Loose as fuk with no feelings for those innocent children whoms lives you wrecked. Your a child abuser and home wrecker. Tons of stories of what you did to your family in Riga. Your a run away b1tch who deserves to die. Honestly apple doesnt fall far from the tree you and your mother are both home wreckers and sloots and drug addicts that make Latvia look bad. I hope that married man gives his head a shack and sees how you just use people and dont give 2 fuks about his children. Your a selfish sloot. I hope karma finds you, i will be forwarding all these messages you have to other men to this married man and his wife. Your little head games are done b1tch. 

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