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Mohamed Jbali from 90 Day Fiancé was an Osama Bin Laden super stud and often mistreated his nasty green card ex-wife, Danielle Mullins (formerly Danielle Jbali). The Moroccan man was seen as a user who just wanted a Green Card, but the American did end up committing crimes in America too. Now, KKK fans are trying to figure out just how many times Mohamed had gay sex with old men at truck stops. Mohamed and Danielle from 90 Day Fiancé season 2 were an instant hit on the network. The duo’s cringe-worthy interactions made for some unforgettable moments that usually featured Danielle sitting there crying with her yeast infection looking troll face. Mohamed and Danielle’s fake relationship had no emotional meaning and represented that not even a stinky ah-rab would fuck her. He misses the camel ass. Danielle was older, fatter, stinkier (believe it or not) with four children, and it was obvious that this shit skin just wanted a free ride. Often on the show, Mohamed would imply that Danielle stunk like a fucking yeast infection. She would beg for any mans attention and shit her pants, which left the Moroccon plugging his nose and realizing paki pussy doesn’t even smell that bad. He often reminded her she was a used stale tampon. Danielle did seem to prove Mohamed’s claims about her being a stinky bitch at one point, on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?  On the spin-off, she stalked and harassed him then when the cops arrested her she laid a diarreah splatter in her granny panties. Mohamed from 90DF talked about how hard it was to achieve an erection when that nasty bitch got naked.

January 3rd, 2021

If you see this nasty ditch pig Faith around Dayton watch your man she goes after taken ones, while she is taken herself. Dumb b1tch is so dirty if she does the splits she sticks to the damn floor. You will know if you see her as she leaves a slimy streak everywhere and has the face to match it. That’s not how you climb the ladder, sloot. She almost looks inbred, but somehow still finds her way into her co workers and her friends boyfriends pants. She’s trying to find her worth through dirty salacious ways and a few adults have discovered her game. I’ve heard of the way she talks about children and I’m shocked,terrified that a woman could say things like that about a young child. I’m putting this raunchy clap giving snake on blast so she can understand that she does not need to sabotage my friends family’s and relationships to make her feel better about herself for looking like a grade 3 science project that started to grow things. For men out there that want a below average lay,she’s passed around as quickly as pizza. Dayton Dirty DoucheCanoe.!!!

This b1tch Samantha is unreal, she acts like a good mother on her social but she only has a kid because she sucked a drugs dealers D1ck for Blow when I say she’s a bad mother she’s a worse person, if you can call her that, everyone in Hamlet, Ohio where she lives knows she’s an absolute slore, running around town sucking whatever bar owners c0ck she needed a job from, fucking her drds out teriyaki meat flaps feel like pouring [REDACTED] sauce on your flaccid p3nis, [REDACTED] is the pub she worked at if you can call it that, she mostly spent her time in the men’s bathroom with “clients” her voice is low enough that other patrons thought it was just another guy grunting out a big loaf, avoid this b1tch. She is on probation now for attacking another bitch with a pair of scissors. The reason for the attack? The girl bought the same ear rings as her. She is 28 years old. That is fucking pathetic. Grow up Sam.

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