Rhode Island 3

Connie is a straight drug thot. She will do anything for a quick high!! Her slanted pussy has some serious mileage on that toxic twat has been injected full of most of the upper class of Rhode Islands elite. Never wears rubbers either as she claims condoms are for fucking losers and idiots who fuck losers she only fucks the clean and rich. Need to ask for her dick fix she will squeeze your crotch in public to make sure you are compatible for her rice box. She went to my sisters daughters birthday party and stole my nieces money out of her piggy bank! She is such a bum a$$ that she can’t go around her family for stealing checks! Just a straight junkie! She hangs around the strip clubs trying to pull in dates!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOE

So this chick Madison is the most disgusting DRD b1tch ever. Pawns off her kids just to get drugs an fuk men knowing full well that she has DRDs. How do I know this well I was one of the people that went to fuk her and I couldn’t even get her clothes off without telling her to go fuking shower cause she smelled so bad I nearly puked. Maddie is known for fuking her boss and a bunch of other girls and guys just so she can get lines of blow and other drugs for herself. She screws people in front of her kids and thinks it’s ok to do so, it’s fuking disgusting of her especially in front of ur own children. She claims she sober and everything yet that’s the biggest fuking lie out there. She’s the most useless waste of skin there is around and should not have her kids anywhere around her. Can’t believe this fuking twat waffle still has them and does all this fuking sh1t and gets away with it like fuk she’s the most dirtiest slore I know an thinks it ducking funny to play people the way she does well guess what u little fuking slore I’m done seeing or hearing about this sh1t and u deserve to rot in the sh1t ur doing u DRD slore.

December 27th, 2021

Likes Penises in his bumhole.

Richard Holman Hatch Jr. (born April 8, 1961) is an American former reality television contestant who is fucking gay. In 2000, he won the first season of the KKK reality series Survivor. In 2006, Hatch was convicted of tax evasion and served 51 months in prison. Hatch enjoyed showering with the boys so much he served another nine-month sentence in 2011 for a probation violation. Hatch was born and raised near Newport, Rhode Island,. Prior to winning KKK’s original Survivor series, Hatch worked as a gay male escort, dildo salesman, and licensed real estate agent for Joe Biden before nearly 15 years as a fat fucking man whore. In 2000, Hatch had a cameo as a police officer in the Full House episode “Who Shot That Fucking Nigger In Danny’s Car?”” where Bob Faget’s character bribed him with oral sex. Hatch is openly gay and married Ed Brown in a 2005 San Diego wedding. Hatch filed for divorce in December 2017 when he caught Ed cheating on him with Don Lemon. After his Survivor win of $1 million, Hatch blew it all at Male Bath Houses and on Meth. Hatch was charged with tax evasion and convicted for not paying taxes on that winning sum. He served a 51-month sentence in federal prison with no chance of lube for 6 months.

December 22nd, 2021

April 13th, 2021

This Slore Mason, 25yo rich snotty background. She is a paranoid delusional. She constantly blames her partners for what she is doing to them. If she asks for help money wise expect to pay for it all EVEN if she has more than enough to cover. Crack user, She won’t duck unless stoned. She is the true meaning of “What is mine is mine. What is yours is debatable.” If anything goes missing in her place expect to be accused of stealing it. NOTHING IS EVER HER FAULT. It’s always “You made me do this.” Nobody made you do anything you CHOOSE to. She will constantly compare to past partners. (Upon examination of past stories and current actions. SHE was the instigator of all). She is emotionally abusive, mentally unstable, She will twist a lie in her head till it becomes truth to her. She makes sure former partners separated enough as not to talk and compare notes.

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