Orlando 3

Courtenay Beware of this girl she needs help she steals she does drugs she had abortions she drinks a lot she strips in Orlando after she left her mommy’s house in Kissimee she still comes down to visit them she thinks her family doesn’t know but they do lol Has 2 low life sisters as well who gets knocked up a lot dont date her shes a spoiled little brat and so is her mom and her sisters. She went to Orlando because she said she couldn’t show her face around here well no sh1t grow up and stop leaving jobs and yelling at yr daddy. Courtney has sucked and fucked her way around most of the city. She is such a floozy. Her dad is a garbage guy in Orlando. Drives the truck. One day he was picking up dumpsters and seen his daughter bend over in a back alley on her rollerskates getting fucked by some homeless dude. Pa pa be proud.

May 23rd, 2022

This here 19 year old tart Kimmy will fuk any man and any women’s man and leaves her kids alone at home to go and Fuk and suk d1ck and she is a dirty b1tch how is always looking for new d1cks to suk if your looking for an easy fuk she is your girl and make sure you have a condom because she never uses one ever and be careful she has had more then one DRD. She use to work at New York Fries in the mall in Southern Orlando and got fired when the 2 fat Iranian brothers that owned the fucking place found out they were both fucking her. The family does not like to share Kimmys white stank box like they share their goats. Fuck you Kimmy!

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