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Mason  has been cheating on her husband for years and leading a double life. Mason is active in Cincinnati Ohio and Lexington Kentucky. But now lives full time in Ludlow, Kentucky. Her husband and family are victims of her deceitful, unstable behavior. She intentionally ruined at least one marriage by pursuing an affair with the husband. Mason encourages not using protection and spreads drd. She goes to extreme measures to convince people she is a person of virtue and integrity. She tells elaborate lies and manipulates everyone around her to protect her public image. Keep this woman out of your life. She cares nothing for the sanctity of marriage or the emotional trauma she inflicts on others. It does not matter if your spouse is a man or woman, because she is now pursing sexual encounters with women as well. She will ruin a person’s life for her own amusement. Protect yourselves and your families from her at all costs.

December 25th, 2021

The Kentucky woman who has been arrested for the murder of her roommate is a porn star, can exclusively reveal. Danelle N. Powell, 33, has been accused of shooting mother of two LeeAnna Brumley, 25, and striking her with a hatchet. Powell then allegedly set her victim’s body on fire. According to Pulaski County Sheriff’s Deputy Karl Clinard, Brumley’s remains were discovered in a field off Charter Oaks Road in northern Pulaski County. Powell, who goes by her porn star name, Kelsey Michaels, has appeared in erotic films and videos since 2005, according to her IMDB profile. She describes herself as a person who does “allot sic of things on impulse.” “I love living on the edge, its sic more fun that way to just feel that adrenaline rush,” she wrote. “I don’t like to take the path that everyone else does. I love to stand out…. If you ask my friends they will tell you, you never know what to expect from me.” Brumley was first reported missing on May 22. In a press conference, PCSO detective Lt. Bobby Jones said investigators believe she was killed on that same date. Powell appeared at the Pulaski District Court on Friday, November 22 where she pled not guilty for murder. Brumley’s mother, Anita Duggins Helton explained that her daughter had battled addiction and frequently slept on friends’ couches. Brumley had been living with Powell at the residence of Gerald Avalon Hendricks, 53, up until her disappearance. “At some point, LeeAnna Brumley was led away from that residence, led to a rural area in northern Pulaski county. The information that we got was that she was shot, and then struck in the head with a hatchet, and then burned,” Lt. Jones said. “It was brutal circumstances that she went through.” <SNIP> LINK

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