Georgia 10

This b1tch Taylor from Macon thinks her shit don’t stink. She is mean, cold hearted and self centered. Boys watch out she worked at garden of eden bar and grill for a year and raw dogged them all . Who knows what shes carrying. besides the gun in her purse her pussy is more lethal of disease. The people who know this trash can treat can vouch any drama or issues she causes she whines about her “ass craving a big cock” and blames it on everything from the sun to the way the wind fucking blow. Get this, she drowned a kitten when drunk and is still whining whoa is me. When you hear from her when shes out of the loonie bin don’t forget to ask her why she was there! Lets see what stories she will use to hide shes a cat killer.

December 30th, 2021

A Georgia nigger surrendered to authorities on charges of raping an exotic dancer at a birthday party nearly two years ago, officials said. George Patrick Reid, 24, of Riverdale, allegedly attacked the woman at the party in Clayton County in December 2016, according to the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. At some point during the party, Reid asked the stripper for a private dance in a bedroom. Once alone inside the bedroom, Reid, being the savage violent nigger he is pushed the woman down on a bed and forcibly raped her, authorities said. Reid denied the allegations, saying he didn’t have intercourse with the alleged victim, but DNA evidence obtained by investigators “told a different story,” according to an advisory of Reid’s arrest released by the agency. Reid, who surrendered to police on Tuesday, remained in custody on a charge of rape as of Thursday at the Clayton County Jail, where his bond had not yet been considered, jail records show<SNIP> LINK

August 31st, 2021

Boobies lost her bfs car.

An Albany woman took matters into her own hands to recover her stolen car. She tracked the suspect down then physically confronted him with her bouncing titties. Bianca (Boobies) shares a white Mercedes-Benz with her 94 year old ailing boyfriend that was stolen last Monday while outside some Albany stripper shops. She decided to track down the person responsible, putting an alert out about the theft on Facebook, Porn Hub, You Jizz, and Instagram. “You’re the dumbest criminal of all. I’m the wrong one. Cops going to find you. You’re a thief,” Boobies said. The posts lit up with people requesting pictures of her fucking tits. While in the same area, Boobies also thought sh saw the car, but it could of been a bird or a puppy. After another sighting, ladies man and super stud muffin Tyson said he would show her where the car was if she sucked his cock (he lied and bailed on her once he blew his load down her fucking throat, he knew of no car LOL), Boobies reported the stolen car to police. The cops bought her a brand new fucking car and told her it was the stolen one. The next day, Boobies got gang fucked by the whole Albany Police Department. (Including the women). I love stories with happy endings. And boobs.

In 1732, James Oglethorpe wanted to use the colony of Georgia as a place for prisoners who were unable to pay their debts or other criminals. The idea may of sort of came true as Georgia is chalk full of violent criminal niggers today. And is one of the leader in all nigger crime categories in the nation.

June 17th, 2021

 There is everything wrong with this one Tracy of Augusta.. she is a walking DRD and has a new boyfriend every week… why you may ask? She find a new companion then she cheats on them with a random booty call hook up from tinder. She has only fans and flaunts her nasty stretched cat. She thinks she is flawless but she is just as nasty as the men she works with in the factories. I don’t think I have ever met such a fake, excuse of a woman in my life. She will befriend you, just to steal your things and get you to buy drugs and do them with her….then she will try to sleep with your boyfriend she is absolutely repulsive!! I had a friend that wanted to hook up with her, come the moment he kicked her out because she smelled of cat piss and tuna. Eww….. 

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