Nova Scotia 7

Typical Nova Scotian Meth Homo Sexuals

Nova Scotia has seen an increase in methamphetamine trafficking and use. For many years Nova Scotia has seemed to escape the scurge of meth that has plagued so many other provinces but over the past couple of years police have seen more meth arrive in the province and as a result society must expect the horrific  effects of this horrible and highly addictive drug. It has ruined many lives and has created a great deal of grief for families and the public as addicts rely on committing crime to feed their habit. The effects often cause users to be very unpredictable and are often involved in committing violent offences. Since most Nova Scotians are as poor and almost as stupid as black people, they manage to eek out some pity from Trudeau. Hence they get a little bit of Alebrta’s mney legally or not. Hence they smoke meth and have gay sex. Its a maritime thing unless your from there you wouldn’t get it. The public is urged to do their best to save addicts from this terrible journey of scabs and torn assholes by reporting drug traffickers to Crime Stoppers.

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