India 8

Jenny is having an issue with the Tampons and pads available in India. Even though she old that bitch Jenny’s Snapper has some MAD FLOW!!!!

In the latest fucking season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Sumit Singh got his paki divorce finalized, and he and his old crusty bitch Jenny Slatten moved forward with their joke of a wedding plans. But, they then dealt with another obstacle — his parents. Sumit’s parents disapprove of his relationship and will do anything to stop their son from marrying that old nasty white senior citizen bitch Jenny. On 90 Day Fiance , Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten gave that nigger host Shaun Robinson an ear full on why they hate fucking niggers. Jenny said that she has been able to smoke crack and prostitute herself out to cab drivers in India by fucking train fulls of pakis a week. But, her crusty stale vagina can expire into a harsh yeast infection at any moment if she doesn’t get some American Vagisil shipped to her. Shaun said that Jenny could solve her vaginal issue by shitting in a pail and keeping it next to her bed at night so the flies stay away from her old snapper. After all thats what all the nigger bitches do. But, Jenny said that Sumit doesn’t want to separate shit from curry. She also said that she’s upset about Sumits nasty fucking body odor.

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