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September 3rd, 2021

A Brno woman has been arrested for stealing wine from a Brno mini mart store — the same woman who had been wanted for stealing expensive items on at least two other dates. Police were called June 14 to the store,  when store employees reported a woman with a known history of stealing expensive wine and sucking dick at area stores was in the wine aisle and carrying a large hand bag. Officers arrested Anaya 32, on an outstanding warrant out of Prague for prostitution. Anaya was also arraigned June 15 in 48th District Court on one count each of retail fraud and removing a theft detection device. A not-guilty plea was entered for anaya, with bond set at more than she can afford. She remained jailed June 22.

According to Czech police, a woman enraged with her ex took a bat to both his new girlfriend’s car and his father’s car on Wednesday. Czech Police say a 28-year-old local bimbo was arrested and charged with assault with a weapon, and two counts of mischief. At 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, police say the new girlfriend drove to a mid-town residence to meet the man. When she parked in front of the address, an unknown vehicle pulled up and the ex-girlfriend came out of the car high as fuck on crystal meth and carrying a fucking baseball bat. Police say the ex swung the bat at the new girlfriend’s driver side window, smashing through it and striking the slut in the elbow. The ex then left yelling rude slurs, flashing her huge tits, and threatening random strangers and police were called. Police say they learned that the accused had also allegedly smashed windows in a truck belonging to her ex’s father earlier in the day because he failed to pay her for the blow job she gave him earlier that week. A half hour later, a patrol officer found the ex giving a blow job to a stranger in a parked car in a McDonald’s parking lot. Although police say she was belligerent, she was arrested without incident.

August 30th, 2021

Customs officers suspected something odd about the 30-year-old Czech Slut the moment they spotted her back at Prague Ruzyně Airport. The cum dumpster, who had just arrived on a direct commercial flight from Istanbul, acted edgy and coked the fuck out, and she was constantly scratching her pubic region. Even through the airport’s security camera monitor, customs officers could sense that her trendy clothes and carry-on bag belied her provincial demeanor. After pulling her aside and X-raying her bag, the officers confirmed their suspicions: The soft material bag contained a double bottom, in which 2.74 kg of heroin lay wrapped in two layers of black plastic. For airport customs officers, this Jan.15 seizure was the second major heroin haul in as many months. On Dec. 5, a Romanian man in his 20s was nabbed, also arriving from a direct commercial flight from Istanbul with 2.5 kg of heroin concealed in the reinforced back of his knapsack. With a street value of about 800 to 1,000 Kč ($38-48) per gram, officials estimated the value of heroin each man was carrying to be in the millions of crowns. “We were surprised they would do it in such an obvious way,” said Pavel Drobek, spokesman for the General Directorate of Customs. “We’re surprised by their audacity.” Czech customs officials are accustomed to seizing small quantities of marijuana, Ecstasy and the popular methamphetamine pervitin, usually smuggled through the post, Drobek explained. But heroin has never ranked high on the list of trafficked drugs in the Czech Republic.

April 28th, 2021

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