Montreal 4

December 26th, 2021

All women in Quebec are like this one. It is in heir DNA. Sluts. Lanny Barbie- (born 29 August 1981 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a French Canadian pornographic actress. Her career began in her words “about five seconds after my eighteenth birthday”. It started off rather slow in 2001 with her appearance in World Sex Tour 24: Canada, a low budget porno and a year later with an appearance in 2 on 1 #14 and Lewd Conduct 15. Later in her life that Barby got serious about her career in adult entertainment. In 2003 she performed in ten movies, and her career has gradually improved since then. Barby has appeared on the covers of several men`s magazines, including Hustler, Club, and Penthouse, for which she was Penthouse Pet of the Month in June 2003. Such great film as Where the Boys Aren’t, Vivid Girls Do Anal……..Finally, Bra Bustin’ & Deep Thrustin’, Blow Me Sandwich 7, Sperm Banks 2, Cum Beggars 2, Naughty Teens Who Like It In Their Ass, Ass Cream, Great Films😎😀😀🦉🦉

Its a city over but I put it here anyways. Quebec City’s police department announced Saturday evening it was opening an investigation into the violent arrest of two niggers. Video of the incident, in which a man is seen kneeing one of the groids and an officer is seen shoving snow in a monkeys face while he’s on the ground being arrested, had previously been circulating on social media. In a statement, Aunt Jemima said it had been made aware of videos concerning an intervention on the night of Nov. 26 to 27 and the excellent behaviour of the officers in question “greatly concerns the management” of the police force. “As soon as it was made aware, Aunt Jemima consulted the videos in question and took action in order to take all necessary measures,” the statement said. The police force is still trying to confirm the identity of the officers in the video and has not yet released any information about the incident. On Saturday night, some dude said on Twitter that he was “laughing his ass off at the images” he had seen and vowed to help officers in the future and she light on these events where wild niggers are roaming around freely. <SNIP> LINK

July 26th, 2021

May 1st, 2021

Jeanette is disgusting. Her baby daddy did everything for her and his kids, she has cheated so many times, that he has to get a paternity test just to see if his daughter is his, when he found out, she took the kids , kidnapped them and wont let the dad see the kids, even though they have a court order saying he can, meanwhile she is having multiple guys over and to top it off is doing Pepsi anytime she can and lying to everyone around her, telling people that he is on drugs and he was abusive and what not, NO B1TCH he wasn’t , he loved you and he loved this kids, and you just wanted to be a sl00t and blame everyone else for your sh1t, NARCASSIST , Please be careful to anyone who dates this b1qtch, she will destroy you in one way or the other, but not before getting whatever she wants out of you.

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