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August 31st, 2021

Good vibrations. A young Argentinian woman found herself arrested for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, for pleasuring herself at a public beach, according to an incident report obtained by Boners R US Friday. Christina, 30, was spotted by another woman last month as she decided to “pleasure herself on the beach with a vibrator” and “could hear her moaning,” according to the report. The video shows “a very smoking hot white female wearing a one-piece green bikini lay out a white towel” and after sitting down pulling “an unknown object” from her backpack before she “spreads her legs apart and puts both of her hands in between her legs,” according to the report. “This went on for a few seconds until the female looked to her right and stopped what she was doing,” the officer said in the report. Christina “did admit to the masturbating on the beach, with a big fucking smile” and to having the best vibrator ever known to mankind with her, according to the report. While she was being booked, Christina, who said she had a towel over herself at the time, told officers “she would suck them both off if they let her go” and was under the impression nobody would give a shit about her frigging her mud flap “because it only took her 20 seconds to orgasm,” the report notes.

August 28th, 2021

Frieiro is an Argentine murderer who was sentenced on November 26, 2007 to life imprisonment for the murder of his wife in 1998. A night in 1998, Frieiro had a discussion with his wife and attacked her with a handkerchief. He strangled and murdered her while the little son of the couple was watching the horrible crime that his father was committing against his mother. After murdered her, Frieiro buried his wife under his bed and threatened to his son with the motive that he never say nothing about the crime. The boy didn’t say anything until 2005 when he was a teenager. The ex-little boy but now a teenager broke in cry with his girlfriend and confessed that his father had murdered his mother. Four hours later, Frieiro was arrested and accused of murder. When the son said it, the police went to the Frieiro’s house and effectively, the police found the rests of a woman under Frieiro’s bed. He was officially arrested and accused of murder. The trial began on October, 2007. During one month, a lot of evidence was presented against Frieiro but the principal evidence was the testimony of his son, who was an unfortunately witness of the murder of his own mother. Also, Frieiro confessed the crime: On November 26, 2007 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. <SNIP> LINK

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