Democratic Republic of Congo

You could fart all fucking day in here and no one would even notice.
Niggers on the bus. Some fucking Jew is probably busing them to a town near you…. On your fucking dime too.

August 1st, 2019

With the 2020 list of worst countries to live in the world the Democratic Nigger Republic of the Congo is at the 14th worst in the world to inhabit. the Democratic Republic of Congo ranks as one of the poorest countries on earth. It’s also one of the unhealthiest, with preventable diseases like herpes and male anal yeast infections with crust and puss cutting a swath across the country’s niggers. Infant mortality is predictably high, while life expectancy in unsurprisingly low. Just a filthy place with filthy residents who in all reality don’t give a shit.

This country has too much monkeyshines to not have it’s own page on top of the Kinshasa page. When ever I think about Democratic Republic of Congo I think of 4 things: Niggers, Apes, Ebola, and Bananas.
Most of the negros here are of the French variety. So a french guy fucked a gorilla. So they prefer to be called Les Nigger. Les Coon, Les Spook, Les Sambo, Watermelon Poulet.
Dikembe Mutombo an ex NBA player is from DRC. He is basically just like every other nigger there except he is super big. Since he can’t pick cotton anymore because slavery is illegal they put him in the NBA. He is like Radioactively Huge Nigger. DRC is also full of alot of white people giving books of god to niggers who can’t fucking read. It is uncertain if the niggers try to eat the books.

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