San Francisco 5

The freeloading nigger sow accused of stealing more than $40,000 worth of merchandise from a San Francisco Target has been arrested again after another theft, according to police. In the most recent theft, Aziza Graves was taken into custody at the Westfield San Francisco Centre Mall on Saturday. She was booked into jail on one charge of petty theft and three local warrants plus an additional warrant in El Dorado County. Graves was released last week on an ankle monitor after she was charged with eight counts of felony theft and 120 counts of misdemeanor petty theft. She is accused of using self-checkout kiosks to commit 120 thefts over the last year. <SNIP> LINK The nigger will keep stealing and stealing and it will come up with excuses (usually racism or blaming the white man for her failures in life. A boat ticket to Africa would be best she can live in a hut made of shit and enjoy everything her great culture has to offer with out that pesky white man and all their racist inventions.

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