Portland 3

Portland is the Short Bus of the West Coast and the libtard capital of Oregon. It’s where people go when they don’t cut it anywhere else. The rent is cheap, there’s no sales tax, the art/music “scene” is oh exploitable, the niggers are corralled to the north, and the white people are passive and non-confrontational. Most of them keep their eyes on the pavement and freak out if you say “hi”. There are probably more basement dwellers here than any other type of person, and are actually considered part of the “in crowd” since most of Portland’s trolls and hipsters have died off in a massive heroin plague. If someone invites you to a “cool party” be wary; they’re letting in fat neckbeards and ugly lesbians (another thing this town is famous for) in these dark and troubled times. Portland is number two in the country for heroin addiction. Closely related is the fact that it’s number one in creepy strip clubs. This is where girls and sometimes guys earn the money for their habit, their musician boyfriend’s habit, and their weekly trip to the tattoo parlor. None of this makes sense anymore because, while the heroin used to be primo, it is now shit that reeks of vinegar and only gets you high until you’re hooked. Yet locals are still weak and desperate enough to pay 20, 25, even 30 dollars a balloon, when the Mexicans sell ’em for 15. The Mexicans are very professional and if you swing a connection they’ll meet you anywhere in their inconspicuous sedans. They’ll front you thirty bucks but anymore and they cut you off. This is always happening to junkies so they’ll latch onto an alternate connection like a baby to a razorblade. An idiot can make a decent living off this price differential, and pick up a stripper girlfriend to boot. Interesting: It’s widely believed that Portland has the most Porn shops per capita in the USA.

September 17th, 2021

Portland is the model of shit disgust. A city full of faggots and liberal jew and nigger loving queers. Portland is full of residents that all resemble the ugly loser kid in school that never fit in, because it was an ugly fucking freak. The one that whines and cries and looks for sympathy for their faggotness. It is the ideal model of almost every Jew you will ever meet. Bottom feeders and leach scum of society. Fuck this city.

July 13th, 2021

June 25th, 2021


May 11th, 2021

April 23rd, 2021

With rampant domestic terrorists like BLM, Antifa, and the Democratic Party causing havoc and destruction you need to own and know how to shoot the enemy in Portland.

Niggers Rob Portland Weed Store


Sammy up there has been in trouble before. Another robbery.

Sammy’s Portland Public Rap Sheet. Sammy Bulambo of Portland Oregon Is ONE USELESS FUCKING NIGGER!

Danika uses men to her nasty benefit. She can’t get her life clean and get her shit together so any man she ever gets will probably leave. She harasses her ex’s many many years after they have broken up, for her little enjoyment, claiming how they still “love” her. (She’s probably too strung out on drugs to move on with her life.) Her online sex page was under the name of Priscilla. From the reviews, sounds like she will sleep with anyone; if your in a wheel chair, married, have kids, or STDs. If you search her name in google, you’ll see how she was charged with a hit and run when she crashed into a semi truck. Huge mess. She’s now homeless living in a tent asking others for money. Say NO to H*Es!

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