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Even tough I violently raped that white bitch, almost fucking killed her, and gave her AIDS….. It is still Racist to send me to jail you racist fucking crackers. You owe me for slavery and sheet.

A CONGOLESE MAN has been jailed for eight years for the “violent forceful rape” of a woman. Erick Mukoko (32) committed the offence after the woman refused a kiss from him at a flat where she had been socialising with a friend after a night out. Mukoko, formerly of Thomas Street, Limerick, pleaded guilty at the Central Criminal Court to rape at a location in the city in May 2017. He has no previous convictions. Mr Justice Michael White described the offence as a “very serious violent forceful rape” and noted the impact on the victim had been devastating. He said the woman had been a “social visitor” to the flat with nothing of any sexual nature involved. He took into account in mitigation Mukoko’s guilty plea. Mr Justice White imposed eight years imprisonment. He said he did not feel it was appropriate to suspend any portion but ordered two years post release supervision if he remains in Ireland. The woman outlined to the court in her victim impact statement that she suffers anxiety, depression and panic attacks on a daily basis and had tried to take her own life following the rape. She said she had also taken alcohol to black out what happened. She finds it hard to trust people or socialise. “I am not going to allow what he did to control my life any more,” she said, describing how she had the support of her family and hoped to get back to the person she had been before the attack. <SNIP> LINK

September 3rd, 2021

A small time Irish Adult Entertainer who swallowed 112 capsules of cocaine before boarding a flight to Dublin has been jailed for 18 months. Kelle (30) of Cork, Ireland, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to possession of the drugs for sale or supply at Dublin Airport on October 11, 2020. She has no previous convictions and has been in custody since her arrest. Kelle was stopped by custom and excise officers because there was jizz on her chin on arrival into the airport. She later surrendered herself and indicated that she needed a fat dick. Her pimp was sourced for her and she admitted she had swallowed 90 capsules of cocaine while getting gang fucked by Belgians the day before she flew to Ireland. She said she had been fucked like that before and in a hotel to remove all the jizz from her was insane She never received that call. Kelle was taken to hospital where she ultimately passed 112 capsules of the drugs which were worth an estimated €72,000 and litres upon litres of semen were pumped from her stomach and other organs.

August 10th, 2021

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