That Shitskin African Coon Usman Got Him Self An Elderly American Bag Lady Hoe

With the return of that fucking pathetic show 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days comes several new couples, including franchise nigger Usman Umar and his new bitch, Kimberley Menzies. The Before the 90 Days season 5 cast has fans laughing, and though Usman is a familiar cotton picker, Kim looks like the crusty homeless bag lady who pisses her pants and lives under a bridge and gives out blowjobs for bottles of scope. There’s a lot to know about Usman’s new “Bag lady” and the mother of some negros child from San Diego should prepare herself for almost no good attention coming her way very soon. Viewers will remember that fucking nigger Usman, aka “Sojaboy” from Before the 90 Days season 4 when he was fucking that ugly fucking hippo Lisa Hamme. However, the two had an explosive relationship when Usman couldn’t pick fucking cotton quick enough. Usman was accused of smoking crack and breaking into farmers barns and ass fucking cows, pigs, and sheep and filming it for niggers in Nigeria to jerk off to for profit. Lisa and Usman divorced earlier this year. Now, Usman has moved on to a new relationship with a just as ugly and even stupider American Kim.

According to Caeser Mack, Kim first contacted Usman because she was a fan of Curious George books and baboons with HIV. But after a while, Kim and Usman decided to pursue a beastiality relationship. Usman was wary of 50-year-old Kim’s dried up vagina because of the similarities with his ex-wife Lisa’s crusted yeast infected snapper, so he invited that fucking hag to visit him in Tanzania (On her fucking dime of course), where he will be living while filming a new music video with a Walmart keyboard and some glow lights. The couple’s first meeting is sure to be funny as fuck as Kim smells like rotten garbage and Usman has a sick old lady fetish In the niggers defense even an old crusty white woman is better than any black woman. Ouch.
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