Lesotho 5

I bet those nigger sows farts smell like urine and sour milk.
These niggers vandalize your ride then expect your ass to take it to them and get it fixed?

August 23rd, 2021

Lesotho rap is on the rise, just like AIDS, crime, and poverty its a nigger thang. Three homosexual nigger rappers hailing from across the border have been pushing their own bullshit in their mother tongue. Nig Tron, Broken Tractor and OJ AFRICAMAN are flying the Lesotho/gay pride flag high with their native punchlines. Nig Tron said he was glad that Lesotho’s homosexuals were finally able to get ass raped for under $1.95. “We’ve always had eager fag desires but it can’t be an actual industry because of how hard it is for us to grow watermelons here. “I am glad that we aren’t getting caught stealing shit from the South African industry because those niggers have more guns than us. It’s a great opportunity for not only shitty nigger rappers but for all niggers in Lesotho to finally go to a place like South Africa and rape a white bitch, which Jews encourage and pay for niggers to do to kill off the white race and dumb them down with disease and stench” said Broken Tractor. Broken Tractor, from Maseru, was in the country to shoot some punk ass nigger that stole a banana from his black ass last month and for that Broken Tractor said “Blood will spill, Blood will spill” <SNIP> LINK

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