Ethiopia 2

Often, people will hold benefit concerts and other gay shit in the name of foreign AIDS for Ethiopia. However, the bleeding heart liberals (usually the same who think niggers are humans) don’t know this usually goes to the Jew bankers in New York instead of the niggers in Africa.

September 6th, 2021

May 16th, 2021

I seen niggers and thought it was Mali. Oops

Ethiopia is a simple land of simple pleasures. These pleasures consist of eating shit you find on the ground, AIDS, rape, and rape with AIDS. In Ethiopia, they will eat ANYTHING. See that monkey? It’s food. Oh look, a pile of cow shit! Food! If it tries to run away, the Africans will hurl spears and rocks at it until it stops moving. Some Ethiopian tribes evolved the habit of kicking things to death instead. Thus, Ethiopian soccer was born. Sadly they die every year of starvation. Whatever can not be eaten will be fucked, either before eaten, after eaten, or while the niggers are eating the thing. AIDS supposedly came from some bored Ethiopian stick nigger fucking a green monkey rotting carcass. Why anyone would fuck a creature that has obviously gone rotten is beyond the understanding of most civilized countries, but this is Ethiopia FUCK ALL OF AFRICA AND NIGGERS IN GENERAL ARE LIKE THIS – deal with it! And what is fucking when one party isn’t into it? RAEP! Ethiopians use rape for everything – Seriously! Rape is basically like currency. However, Ethiopians don’t know that it won’t work, ensuring much lulz to be spread around the continent.

I thought it was in Afghanistan. Caves and I couldn’t see how big of niggers they were.
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