Nig Brother 23 Issues: Claire’s a Yeast Infection, Mike Tysons Gay Son Derek, and The Nasty Fugly Boons

Claire has the brains of a Yeast Infection

With a show failing in ratings so bad it will be amazing if the jews can muster up enough money to have another nigger filled shitty season. Not all is lost. It seems that the show not only has helped niggers appear to be human this season but has helped the mentally retarded, like Claire. Claire is a yeast infection who thinks she is down with oppressed negros and she is a team with them. Little does she know like all white people they are just using her. Which is why when you watch the season with the exception of the zipper head Derek that got thrown out (chink could of cleaned house with all the boons!!!!) its all mentally retarded white folk. I think Mike Tyson’s homosexual son is on the show too. It is quite funny as the guy is literally an overweight very very very homo negro.

Faggot Son of Mike Tyson

Big Brother’ Season 23 had got off to a horrible joke of a start with all of the 16 contestants entering the house and prepping themselves up for the next stage, with all the niggers pissing and shitting on the beds to mark their territory like the animals they are. Previously, we had reported they would be divided into groups of four and each of these groups will be assigned a captain. The leads will get access to individual video clips of the housemates that will help them decide the best picks for their teams. A contestant who seems captain material among this new lot is Derek Tyson, son of former heavy weight boxer Mike Tyson. More about him in a bit. With so much faggot shit going on last season with that homo Kevin shooting his dick goo all over the furniture and sitting around in his shit stained tighty whitey ginch eating his fag cum in a bowl cereal. Derek Tyson was neutered before the show to ensure that he was not humping and cumming all over the furniture like that homo fruit cake Kevin did in Big Brother All Stars.

This season the show only casted one hot chick and the negro females especially that pig charcoal coon Azah bitched and voted her out. To prevent showmances and contestants fucking they figured they would cast fugos boons like Azah and Brittany here. Two Boon Boner Killers. But the Jew producers forgot nigger bucks will fuck anything!!!!!!!!!! So this is how you have it. Niggers didn’t just stop at ruining a great show like Bachelor. No they have no spread into Big Brother. All I am saying have you ever had a nigger move into your neighborhood? They multiply, crime skyrockets, ugliness follows, so does foul odor, it goes to shit, whites all leave, they whine and eventually follow. Next invention society makes lets just flat out not tell niggers about it. They cant figure shit out on their own.

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