Jakarta 2

April 1st, 2021

 This thing here Nicole is trash. So easy. She is POF queen. Almost all are one night stands. A different flavour every night. She’s always single for a reason. She’s got quite the cocktail going on is what several men have said. Revolving door. One guy hung out with her for 3 nights. Then over the next few days he says she had quite a few men on her and he knew for a fact. A fact! She’s proud to go after someone else’s man. She’s proud to be a dirty slore. She airs it all over her Facebook. Most of her contacts are POF dirties she slept with from all over the South East Asia (She loves tourist dick over in Bali). They comment on her photos one after the other. It’s like a competition. That’s not a compliment. The attention you get is low dirty pathetic degrading humiliation. Guys don’t really like YOU. With a rep like that you’ve got nothing to be proud of. Known as Jakarta’s mattress and the global bicycle.

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One thought on “Jakarta 2

  1. This comment is for Matt orton. Here’s some freedom of speech. I wish I could be be face to face to face with you so I could let you know what I think about your racist, disgusting fucking comments. You think your cool but in reality you must be an insecure small ducked motherfucker!!!!! Who needs to belittle other ppl. Believe me I HATE the ppl you right about too and think they should all be wiped from the earth but because of their crimes and not there skin color or ethnicity. What you write about their race is disgusting and downright fucking cowardly and maybe you should take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself truthfully why you think the way you do. Not cause of their crimes cause like I said they should all fry and go to to hell!! But ask y u think the way you do about race because in reality ppl of all color have done horrible and unthinkable things. Im pretty sure way more white ppl than black. And if you want to know im white. Under all of our skin we all bleed red. Anyway, just wanted to let you know Matt orton of ortons crime blog that I think amd know that you are a piece of shit,scumbag,racist, disgusting excuse of a human being,that belongs in the same column as the ppl you write about. And its ppl like you that make this world a horrible place. Have a great day douchebag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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