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August 27th, 2021

August 10th, 2021

Jock Palfreeman is an Australian convicted of murder in Bulgaria. In December 2007 Palfreeman was involved in an incident during which Bulgarian student Andrei Monov was fatally stabbed. Palfreeman is alleged to have attacked two male Bulgarian students and stabbed them, killing Monov instantly. The other stabbed young man, Antoan Zahariev, was saved in hospital. In his defence, Palfreeman claims that he went to protect two Roma men from a group of thugs, and after the mob turned on him, he drew a knife for protection. His plea of not guilty based on self-defence was defeated partially due to Monov having been stabbed in the back. However, the location of the wound is disputed by Jock’s father, Dr. Simon Palfreeman. In his summary of the case, Dr. Palfreeman stated “the wound is high and towards the back of the armpit” as opposed to what he claims is the popularised version perpetrated by the Bulgarian media. It has been alleged that Palfreeman has a previous history of violent behavior and that he had stabbed another two young people in Australia in 2004. However, despite an investigation at the time, no charges were laid against Palfreeman in relation to that incident with Australian police citing a lack of evidence. Palfreeman has maintained that he was not responsible for the people being stabbed. There is a campaign in Palfreeman’s defence, claiming that he did not receive a fair trial, with potential evidence such as CCTV footage not being used. Friends and family of Jock have been passionately supporting his case since the initial incident and organised a rally ahead of his appeal. <SNIP> LINK

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